New Series on Living a More Authentic Summer

Summer is coming, and as it approaches I’ve been hearing from my clients and seeing around online communities more stress arising. Women feeling the pressure to get “bikini ready.” Thinking about and stressing months in advance about upcoming summer vacations.

So, I want to ask, when you think of summer, what do you get excited for? What do you become stressed out about? What goes through your mind as the phrases like “bikini-ready” or “beach-body” are thrown around? 


Being a few weeks away from the first day of summer (June 20th!), I see a perfect opportunity to create conversation, community, and support here on the blog.

Together, my hope is that we can prep our hearts & minds for a good, strong season, talk through issues like body confidence and the pressure to restrict and slim down, and get ready to enjoy the most important things about summer. The things we all WANT to focus on.

During a time where we’re bombarded with biking-ready-everything, I want this blog to be a place where you can show up, love yourself where you’re at, and feel supported to make choices that feel the best for you, one step at a time.

Together, I hope we can let go of pressures, unrealistic expectations, and comparisons all across the board.

So, for the next few weeks, this will be our focus. To commit to more loving, authentic, body/mind-honoring summers.

I want to hear from you… What does your IDEAL summer look like? What do you want to be possible for you this summer? Share in the comments so I can create an amazing series for you, addressing your main summer struggles, fears, and concerns.

P.S. My friend Abby & I put together a free 7-day challenge to help you get intentional about *what you want* this summer to look and feel like. Understanding what you want is the first step to creating change. Join us here: & invite your girlfriends!

Love, Paige

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  • Shayla

    This is a beautiful idea for a series Paige! Personally, summer clothes are my biggest source of anxiety/stress from the time it starts to get warmer out, until it starts to get cooler in the fall. I find that they really trigger my insecurities and bring back a bit of the urge to get extreme about changing my body. Summertime is super stressful for me, so I’m really excited to read all your upcoming posts! 🙂

    • Hi Shayla! So glad you’ve been loving this series. We would LOVE to have you in Self-Love Summer! I know the feeling of summer clothes producing anxiety – such a good talk today, girlie! XO

  • This is such a great idea, Paige. For me the perfect summer is all about spending time with the ones I love, doing things I love, reading books, going on a vacation, going on weekend getways, going for long walks, eating ice cream, and just having fun. And enjoy the sun! Honestly, I don’t care if my body isn’t “bikini ready”. I am happy and that is all that matters. And I am going to wear a bikini and feel absolutely amazing 🙂

    • Ah, love that visual of your perfect summer 🙂 I LOVE WHAT YOU SAID “I am happy and that’s all that matters.” That’s the goal ANYWAY 🙂