The New Paige Schmidt (.com) Is LIVE, And I’m Giving Away A Whole Course For FREE

Good-morning! You guys! The day is finally here. I have officially transitioned from Healthy Hits the Spot to Paige Schmidt.

I’m writing you from Beacon coffee in Ojai, CA, happy as a clam. Marco and I are staying at a friends guest house for the weekend, as they so generously offered it to us, and we pulled up last night and our jaws hit the floor. I’ll just say it’s the most beautiful house we’ve ever stayed in! We’re feeling SO blessed to be here!

This little trip is just in time to celebrate this transition, right!? It’s feeling so fun!

So, about the transition from Healthy Hits the Spot to Paige Schmidt. I want to speak to those of you who may be thinking “WHY?!”, first.

Do you guys follow Melyssa Griffin? Melyssa is a blogger for bloggers. She helps entrepreneurs + bloggers grow their audience online. Her name used to be The Nectar Collective – I thought TNC was amazing. I followed her for a long time, and one day when I went to her site I saw she had changed her name to simply “Melyssa Griffin” I thought: “NO! WHY!”

So, if any of you are thinking the same thing. Me too! Haha, I have totally been there!

However, in Melyssa’s example, it’s ended being one of the best changes she’s made in her business in terms of allowing her to grow, and in return, it’s been awesome for her audience too as she’s been doing A LOT (she’s a great resource for online biz owners, influencers, and bloggers if you guys wanna check her out!).

For those of you who have been with me since the beginning, THANK YOU. You’re the reason I get to share what I do. You were the first ones to find a common interest with me in leaving calorie counting and diets behind, and learning to simply ENJOY food alongside me!

It’s been such a journey. And today I want to share some of it with you!

When I started Healthy Hits the Spot my goal was to help ONE girl change her relationship with food and her body.

I thought to myself in those early days of hitting publish: “If you can help one girl learn that she doesn’t have to diet and kill herself with exercise to be feel healthy, this will be worth it.”

To my surprise, and to God’s glory for bringing you here, there are a few more than one of you reading this right now (thank you!) and over the past 6.5 years many things have evolved:

  • I started my health coaching career in 2012 where I began working with the women who read my blog (you!) one on one
  • I wrote an eBook in 2014 (it’s now free and updated in the sidebar of my site)
  • I started Finally Free Program (an online virtual health coaching program which supports women to ditch diets and learn to listen to their magnificent bodies instead – doors are closed now, but we’ll be opening enrollment again this fall!) with Simi Botic
  • I created Authentically You, a super-loved group coaching program to support women in getting rid of ALL rules, restrictions, and negative thinking about themselves last August (2016) – there’s a surprise at the bottom of this post about this program, by the way!
  • AND NOW, this transition is happening!

Which brings me to the first reason I’m transitioning to Paige Schmidt as my business and blog name: Finally Free!

Since starting Finally Free with Simi in March of 2015, our community of women has doubled in size each year, and is now at a place now where the both of us want to give it more of our attention and space to grow. We’re even hoping to do some in-person workshops soon!

If you can imagine a family tree, the business tree in my mind goes like this: Finally Free is the big mama and papa up at the top. From there, Simi and I each have our own personal businesses where we each work with women one on one in private coaching (in fact, our beautiful one on one clients get Finally Free, free!).

As we turn our focus toward Finally Free, I am excited to have MY personal brand simply be ME – perhaps creating Authentically You is what gave me this desire (hehe). The greatest blessing is that Healthy Hits the Spot was already very much “me”, I just needed to change the name.

The second reason I’m changing the name is to break through the ceiling (so to speak) of what I get to talk with you girls about on the blog.

With Healthy Hits the Spot I felt limited to talk about “health” things. Sure, I would talk about things, like budgeting, every once in a while and you guys loved that! But it felt a little bit off brand for me. Not that I felt like my audience wouldn’t like it, but in the sense of “where does this fit in with Healthy Hits the Spot?”

Today, I talk with my one on one clients about Spirituality, relationships, career, finances, all of it (when you work on your relationship to food, everything is impacted – and in the case of coaching, positively)! Whatever my clients share with me, we talk about! So it only makes sense that I’m able to do the same thing on my blog.

Over the years I’ve learned that our holistic health is much more than food and the way we exercise. So, with Paige Schmidt I want to cover more than just food-related topics. I want to dig into: relationships, finances, JOY, etc… whenever the desire strikes!

Though the topics will expand, all that I cover will have the same theme my brand has now: mindfulness, joy, moderation, and learning to TRUST yourself more (to loosen up on control).

I will always encourage turning down the volume on black and white thinking, extremes, and rules, so that you can experience the highest volume of balance, peace, and joy in your life. So you can be present IN your life without obsessing over things like your body, food, or worrying about what other people think.

I know the name Healthy Hits the Spot was and still is very loved. I love it as much as all of you! I will still own the URL, Instagram name, and email, and old links will now redirect to my updated site.

I promise, everything new will be just as good and even better than before (in my humble opinion).

  • I will still share daily eats, which is how the blog started
  • I will still talk, mostly about food, our mentality around it, body image, and self-care because the majority of women who come to work with me want to work on these areas
  • I will always keep a positive, calm, and neutral approach to life and daily living
  • I will encourage you to stay away from extremes, and focus on what feels good instead
  • This is a safe place to return to when you’ve just started another diet and need a reminder why you DON’T want to diet
  • This is a safe place to stay committed to letting go of rules and restrictions, and to work to unleash the most free’d up version of yourselves
  • This is a safe space to learn how to daily live a more balanced life

AND, because I love you all so much,

…and because I am truly SO grateful for the support you’ve given me over the years (thank you!), I’ve decided to take one of my group programs (which I was going to retire as I focus more on Finally Free) and make it available to all of you for FREE.

YEP. Y’all heard that right.

I’ve updated Authentically You – the course many of you know and love! – and changed it from 8-weeks to 10-days (not many people would stick to a FREE online course for a whole 8-weeks, let’s be honest!).

(The free version does not include the FB group, the private coaching, free email support, and the group coaching, which are all services reserved for paying Finally Free and one on one clients.)

This course is close to my heart (when you sign up for the course you’ll get an email right away, where I recorded and intro to tell you why the course is so close to my heart), and has been so well loved by the girls who went through the group coaching program together with me when it first came out. I couldn’t bare to simply retire it.

So I am sharing it with all of you, because that’s the next best thing I could do!

One maybe-selfish condition: I ask if you do choose to sign up for this free course, your “payment” to me for the course is that you truly commit to it for the full 10-days so you can reap the incredible benefits it has to offer.

Authentically You is designed to help you to let go of rules, restriction, and negative thinking and begin to peel away the layers to uncovering your best, most authentic self. To help you move forward toward more of what you want and to let go of the stuff that is holding you back.

You can sign-up for Authentically You for F R E E at the very top of my page – just enter your name & email and today and for the following 10-days you will get the incredible course delivered to your inbox, for free!

Where to follow along now:

  • I’ll be blogging here regularly at (several times per week)
  • I hope you’ll come hang with me daily on Instagram @paigeschmidt

How to work with me:

You can work with me one on one. I take only 12 private clients at once and I currently have one space opening up. You can fill in your info here and I’ll email you all the info you need about one on one coaching and to schedule a free consultation immediately.

I know it’s hard to fully grasp what’s possible with coaching, so read what the women who have worked with me before have experienced here!

Share in the celebration with me!

I would love for you to celebrate with me by sharing the new site with your friends, especially if this blog has made a difference in your life (thank you!). If you’d like to get a friend, or group of friends to do the 10-day free Authentically You course, oh my gosh, do it! That would be AMAZING and so fun to do together!

Thank you so much for being here! Thank you so much for being excited with me through this transition, it’s feeling amazing!

What do you think of the site? Leave a comment to celebrate with me!

Love, Paige

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  • Whoohoo! So excited for you Paige, site is beautiful! Great job! x

    • Awe thank you Berleena! I appreciate that girl! Great to hear from you 🙂 XO

  • Julie Booher

    YES!!! I rebranded to just my name about a year ago now, and it opened up SO much freedom in terms of what I share. I totally agree with your point of WANTING to share things like spirituality, budgeting, etc. but feeling out of ‘alignment’ with your brand. So now, even if those limitations were self-imposed, you’re free to talk about anything you want and still feel in complete alignment with who you are since it’s your name. LOVE IT. Do you, girl 🙂

    • Ahhhh yes exactly Julie! Thanks so much for sharing this with me – and how great it’s been since you rebranded to your own name a year ago. Congrats to you on that, too!