A Week of Eats

Salmon (cooked with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic and a little bit of oregano - so good!), rice, and avocado.
Morning darlin’s. I’m here with more daily eats and this is a BIG ONE. I’ve been sticking to my plan of taking photos (finally – it was hard to get back into the habit of this after not doing it for a while!). Now I’m thinking I don’t want to break this pattern. Ha! Who’s in for December eats? Leave...

Would you still order a “venti” coffee if you knew you had to do this?

Would you still order a "venti" coffee if you knew you had to do this? Paige Schmidt shares a revelation about savoring and enjoying food.
It’s been so fun to share daily eats again with you recently. If you missed them from last week and daily eats are your jam, here’s a quick link to access them. I’ve so been enjoying eating at our new table and feel happy every time I take a photo there. It’s made eating feel so special. Speaking of making...

Daily Eats and the First Snowfall of Winter

Instapot Chili Recipe. This recipe is for those of you who like a heavy, smoked, flavorful dish. It tastes even better as leftovers with wine.
Heeeeey you. I’m happy this morning. It’s the first snow we’ve gotten this winter in Reno. Well, technically winter isn’t for another 10 days or so, but it sure does feel like it around here! I’ve never lived anywhere it’s snowed before so this is very exciting. Ha! I’m here with more daily eats this week. Are you proud? I’ve been remembering...