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Over the years I’ve worked to create some fun and valuable content for you. Below, I’ve linked to each one in hopes to provide you with support.

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Free Audio/Video Training

  1. 3-Part Intuitive Eating Series (covering comparison, calmness, and consistency)
  2. Healthy Hits TIPS (covering budgeting, organization, and meal planning while eating intuitively)
  3. Intuitive Eating Training
  4. Thanksgiving Day Support (how to feel good on Turkey day without restricting yourself AT ALL)


I’ve organized my free handouts by season as it seems I’ve created them depending on our seasonal needs. Enjoy!


  1. Green Smoothie Recipe
  2. 1-Day Guide to Eating Intuitively (sign-up on homepage for whole Self-Love Bundle)
  3. Girl Talk Take Home Notes


  1. 30-Days to Loving Yourself Calendar (sign-up on homepage for whole Self-Love Bundle)
  2. Guide to Eating Out With Others


  1. 5 Mindset Shifts To Becoming An Intuitive Eater
  2. Thanksgiving Day Handout
  3. Pro’s & Con’s List


  1. Warming Detox Smoothie
  2. Hottie’s Holiday Handout
  3. Finding Balance eBook (sign-up on homepage for whole Self-Love Bundle)

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