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Important question for women who are totally done with restrictive,
obsessive diets — but still struggling to relax around food:

What’s the BIGGEST difference between women who confidently step off the diet-to-diet roller coaster and into their food freedom…

…and women who swear off diets, but keep their old calorie-counting app on standby and feel a pang of anxiety every time they order lunch?

If you guessed “how many intuitive eating books they’ve read,” you’d be buying into a popular myth.

If you guessed “how committed they are to ditching diets and food rules,” you’d be be missing the truth.

And if you guessed…

…the amount of time they’ve spent trying to make intuitive eating work for them. …or whether or not they’ve found an ‘expert’ to give them a foolproof, step-by-step plan…

You’d be in good company… but you’d still be looking right past what’s really important.

Because here’s the thing:

We’ve reached a “food freedom”
crisis (and it’s so not your fault)

Let me know if this sounds familiar:

You embarked on your intuitive eating journey optimistic and raring to go. 100% done with diets and excited to embrace your freedom.

You googled “how to start intuitive eating” and went down the rabbit hole — and as you read, you felt like a bright new world was being revealed to you, one blog post at a time.

Next, you threw out all your food rules and your bathroom scale — all at once.

Uninstalled your go-to calorie-counting app.

And then you let go of the structures you used to cling to, trusting that your intuition would guide you, and you’d be on your way.

You were ready to be free.

Ready to reclaim your mental and emotional energy and put it to better use — instead of dedicating 80+% of it to food.

You weren’t in it to drop 20 pounds or reach a mythical state of nirvana in which you never again have a single negative, self-doubting thought.


You just wanted to be able to spend an afternoon with your girlfriends at a cute bistro without feeling your heart rate spike when the waitress asks you what you’d like to eat. To feel comfortable in your jeans without having to measure every bite of food you consume. To feel like you can trust yourself in a buffet line.

You just wanted to feel “normal” around food.

But things haven’t quite worked out that way.

Instead of feeling free, you feel like you’ve just switched seats on the Titanic (aka, you’re just experiencing a different kind of “scared”).

You feel just as anxious at restaurants — only the questions you ask yourself have changed. From “Do I have enough points left for this?” to “Is this what my body really wants… or am I just giving in to a craving?”

And your shame and self criticism are at an all-time high — only the measures you use to judge yourself have changed. From “Did I stay under my calorie limit today?” to “Did I 100% follow my body’s signals today?”

Instead of feeling unburdened by releasing your food rules and structures, you feel lost and out of control without them.

And as you try to psych yourself up for trusting the process and pushing forward… you’re starting to doubt that food freedom is even possible for you.

That you’ll ever get to be one of those women for whom a cookie is just a cookie. No shame, no guilt, no judgment.

And that you could ever actually be calm, centered and totally okay around food — instead of worrying that this whole “intuitive eating” thing will one day be nothing more than just another failed diet.

With all the trust, commitment and effort you’ve devoted to your pursuit of your food freedom, isn’t it time you actually started feeling free?

With the amount of time, energy, trust and commitment you’ve invested in finding your way to food freedom, you deserve to bask in the light at the end of the tunnel.

You deserve to know you can trust yourself to decide what you want for dinner, without feeling like you need to cross reference an app or a book or a blog post or anything else.

You deserve to have 100% of your emotional and mental energy at your disposal, from your first Monday-morning meeting through Sunday game night — no matter what’s on the menu between them.

And you deserve to throw out your bathroom scale without so much as thinking about panic-buying a new one on Amazon a week later.

In a sec, I’m going to show you how to FINALLY tip the scales back in your favor.

But first, a few key things I have to share with you:

4 Critical Truths

You Need To Understand To Break Free from Diet Purgatory and Finally Find Your Food Freedom (Forever, This Time.)

Intuitive eating isn’t really about food. As you’d expect, almost every intuitive eating book, blog post and course focuses on food...

...but intuitive eating has a lot less to do with eating than its name suggests.
(For example: have you ever noticed that your relationship with food mirrors your relationships with other things in your life — e.g., you spend and save money the same way you binge and restrict?)

That’s no coincidence.

Because here’s the truth:

All of life is connected.

When you focus on intuitive eating alone, your focus is too narrow. Too zoomed in.

And you can never fully ‘get’ intuitive eating without zooming out.

Only when you learn to connect with your inner guidance in ALL areas of your life, can you fully step into trusting yourself with food.
Mistakes and “failures” are GOOD things. As much as your fave wellness influencer’s flawlessly composed, endlessly inspirational Instagram feed would imply otherwise...

...a perfect life where you make the “right” choices all the time — with food, with exercise or with anything — is impossible.
And believing that perfection can or even should be your goal is likely singlehandedly keeping you locked in the belief that “failure” means you’re different or flawed in a way that makes you fundamentally incapable of succeeding at intuitive eating.

But here’s the truth:

Imperfection is actually a GOOD thing.

Because if there were two road signs — one pointing toward Food Freedom and one pointing toward “failure” — they would both be pointing the same direction, because they are the same path.

You can’t get to your food freedom without making “mistakes,” forgiving yourself for them fully, and learning what they have to teach you.

Progress is made when you learn to EMBRACE — not condemn — the inevitable messiness of your unique path.
You are your own expert. As women, we’ve all been trained and conditioned from a young age to look outside of ourselves for the answers we seek.

Whether we turn to a trusted teacher, a self-help book, a detailed, step-by-step course or hours and hours of research, we often value and rely on external guidance far more than our own instincts.
Most of us aren’t even aware of this tendency, so we’re totally blind to the fact that it subtely robs us of our power and our ability to trust ourselves, in the moment.

Don’t get me wrong, external guidance has its place — but it’s no substitute for YOUR inner wisdom.

And the truth is, training your “inner guidance” muscle and learning to trust yourself is so much more important than the amount of information you take in (especially if the information you’re seeking out is the step by step, one-size-fits-all kind).

But at the same time...
Doing this alone is HARD. I 100% believe you have everything you need to get where you want to be inside of you, right now, as you read this — and that connecting with YOUR inner wisdom is the #1 key to your food freedom.
But here’s why you might need some help along the way (and why it’s okay to need some help):

To develop the self trust you need to move forward, you’ll need to unlearn many of the behavior/thought patterns that created your current reality.

But the problem is...

For most of us, it’s almost impossible to see the behavior/thought patterns that are holding us back clearly enough to change them — because they’re all we know.

That’s why it often takes someone else’s consistent, gentle guidance, insight, perspectives and support to put us back in touch with ourselves and help us see what we need to see to make real, sustainable changes in our lives.

You don’t need an outside expert to find your food freedom — but you’ll likely need a guide on the side.


Feeling “normal” around food doesn’t have to be as hard as it feels right now.

But maybe you didn’t know that by finding food freedom through the Guided Self Coaching Method I’m about to share with you, you’ll also:
  • Learn to nurture and care for yourself in a way that makes food fall naturally to the back burner (this is what helps you shift away from fighting against yourself to simply doing what feels good, all the time)
  • Start feeling way more comfortable, even downright joyful, in your relationship with money (because how you do one thing is how you do everything — you’ll be amazed how much improving your relationship with food helps you with money, and vice versa)
  • Develop deep trust in yourself and confidence in your own inner guidance, in every area of your life, from food to your career to your relationships
  • Walk into any restaurant in town and quickly, confidently order whatever your body asks for without so much as a hint of anxiety
  • Feel content in your body, secure in your sense of self and completely calm around food — no matter what’s in your fridge
  • Learn to treat yourself with unconditional, relaxed love and acceptance, even when you “fail”
  • Hit ‘mute’ on constant, food-related brain babbling and reclaim 100% of your mental and emotional energy — so you’re able to devote yourself completely to the things that really matter in your life (and finally feel “normal” around food)

YES, all of those things are totally possible for you — whether you’ve just ditched diets for the first time, or you’ve been trying (and struggling) to embrace intuitive eating for years…

…but they DO depend on taking an approach that systematically rebuilds your trust in yourself.

One that digs deep enough, and zooms out far enough, to help you see what’s really going on underneath your “food stuff.”

One that gives you the right kind of support and gentle guidance as you chart your path toward your food freedom.


One that you’ll happily look back on a few months from now, when you remember where you were today and compare that to the freedom you can no longer imagine your life without.

And if you’re still with me, I couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to...



The only intuitive eating membership program that’s 100% focused on helping you reconnect with your own inner guidance, in multiple areas of your life, through The Guided Self-Coaching Method: a combination of gentle guidance and support plus self guided, self- paced training programs that cover everything from intuitive eating to self care to budgeting to money mindset and self forgiveness.

It was created not only for intuitive eating beginners…

…but for any woman who struggles with food (or has struggled with food) and wants to solidify her food freedom forever as she steps into trusting herself in every area of her life.

3 Ways The Growth Vault Will Turn Your Food Anxiety Down To Zero — And Keep It There

Here’s what you’ll get as a member of
The Growth Vault:

Monthly Coaching Office Hours (call in for coaching with Paige!) for consistent, personalized support that’s always laser-focused on what’s right for you

As a member of The Growth Vault, you’ll have my full support, every single month, for as long as you need it.

Each month, you’ll have live access to me during powerful Coaching Office Hours structured to help you transform your relationship with topics like body image, career challenges and debt — plus many, many more.

Never again will you feel alone in your challenges — because you’ll always have me in your corner, ready to guide you through anything you’re stuck on and help you break through the issues you didn’t even realize were holding you back.

On every call, you’ll:

Trust me when I say these Office Hours for Coaching will change everything for you, and the insights you’ll gain from them will be priceless.

The best part? You’ll pay less for these calls (not to mention everything else that’s included in your membership) than you’re currently paying for your monthly phone bill.

Speaking of “everything else that’s included in your membership”…

In addition to personalized support, you’ll also

get 3 powerful, self-guided
Courses & Workshops

to help you transform — at your own pace:

Number 1:

Finally Free

Your foundational intuitive eating training program, designed to take you from zero to food freedom in 12 transformative sessions.

In Finally Free, you’ll break free from binge-restrict cycles and chasing body perfection through fads, rules and diets, and learn how to connect to what your body needs in every moment, so you can finally fully trust yourself with food — forever.

As you go through each video module and worksheet, I (and my co-coach Simi Botic) will take you deeeeep into your relationship with food so you can finally understand what’s been holding you back, heal what’s hurting and move past diets for good. We’ll guide you through things like:

  • Overcoming emotional eating through our super- effective 3-step process (so you can quickly and confidently navigate those moments when you ask yourself “does my body really want this cookie, or am I just giving in to a craving?”)
  • Identifying, understanding and overcoming the triggers and self-sabotaging behaviors that are keeping you stuck (without you even realizing it)
  • …and so much more.

From this new place of clarity, you’ll finally start to experience the easy, calm relationship with food you not-so-secretly doubted was even possible for you.

This program has the power to completely transform your relationship with food, all on its own — even if you don’t touch anything else in your members’ area.

I had such an incredible, transformative experience through Finally Free. This program takes you on a loving, gentle journey all the way from the huge step of giving up dieting, to this mind-blowing realization: listening to your body is truly the only tool you need to be healthy, happy, confident, glowing, and gorgeous! I never could have gotten to this amazing point on my own, but I am SO excited to finally be here!

Each of the 12 topics is so thoughtfully chosen and perfect. Every question that popped up for me was covered in one of the sessions, and I felt so supported by this amazing program created just for me with love. Paige and Simi are the sweetest coaches, and SO knowledgeable in each of these areas — from years of study and research, professional experience, and going through all of this themselves. I could not have asked for better guides to hold my hand each step of the way through the program!



Number 2:

Authentically You

Your intuitive living program, helping you to achieve whole-life freedom (and awaken your most authentic self) in 10 life-changing lessons.

Authentically You is designed to help you experience and solidify total self trust and freedom in every area of your life (not just with food!).

As you move through the audio lessons and worksheets in Authentically You, you’ll…

  • Strip away the ‘shoulds’ and restrictive, limiting beliefs in all areas of your life, and instead connect to what you ACTUALLY want
  • Identify how you want to feel (which is key to understanding and moving past what’s holding you back, as you learn how to get unstuck)
  • …and so much more.

By the time you’re finished with Authentically You, you’ll feel deeply connected to your true self and realigned with your values, what’s important to you and what lights you up inside.

What’s more, you’ll know how to get where you want to be from where you are now. And you’ll be empowered to get there.

Authentically You helped me to reconnect with myself, begin practicing self-love, and begin to dig deeper to figure out what self-love actually means.

I started Authentically You in a place of self doubt, negativity and feeling very stuck. I ended the program being able to see the light again and slowly bring myself back to a place of joy and peace.



Number 3:

Budgeting & Saving Bliss

Your one-hour intensive workshop for loving your money and budgeting with alignment and joy.

This workshop is about one of my FAVORITE subjects: money. (If you just shuddered, take a breath — it’s made for you).

As you participate in your Budgeting & Saving Bliss workshop, you’ll…

  • Get really clear on what you’re saving for — and why (almost no one is talking about that last part, but it’s critical)
  • Learn relate to money in a way that feels empowering and fun, instead of restrictive and boring (hint: if you’re not setting aside some of your money for FUN, you’re treating your budget like a diet — and you’re almost certain to rebel against yourself)
  • Transform discomfort into joy as you get ultra clear on what you want from your money and create a budget that GUARANTEES your money is supporting your dreams and goals — not stopping you from ordering those cute shoes on Amazon

After you’ve created your first joy-driven budget, you’ll notice yourself feeling clear, confident and empowered when you make money decisions.

And since everything in life is connected… there’s a good chance you’ll feel more freedom and ease in your relationship with food, too. (There’s huge overlap between the way we are with food and money. Much more than most of us consciously realize.)

Bonus: this workshop is designed to save you money every single month, from the moment you start using it. It could easily help you save more money than your membership costs — so you’re almost being paid to join (ha!).

After doing Paige’s financial workshop I felt confident creating a budget in a way that brought joy to my life. I had a mind shift change to begin looking at my finances in a positive way rather than as stress and scarcity. I loved the workshop so much I scheduled a one on one session to really dive deep into savings, purchasing a home, investments and freedom in using money to create joy in my life!

There are a million ways to budget and take control of your finances but working with Paige is different. She helps create shifts in your thinking to create a flexible, sustainable spending plan to reach your goals!

Natalie M



Finding Balance eBook

Your field guide for living with intention and balance — from meal planning to navigating relationships.

Finding Balance will help you create joy, and escape all- or-nothing, black-or-white thinking, in every area of your life — through exploring specific themes that so many of my clients struggle with.

Grab a cup of coffee, cozy up with a fuzzy blanket and crack open your copy to explore…

  • Striking your best balance between eating for pleasure and eating for hunger
  • Planning meals while eating intuitively
  • How to manage your time and your to-do list as you nail down your ideal work-life balance
  • …and so much more.

Once you’ve read Finding Balance, you’ll be able to quickly see how each area of your life relates to the whole, and be well on your way to finding true balance in your life.

And from that centered place, you’ll be unshakeable in your freedom.



you’ll get exclusive content every month, 100% free access to anything Paige creates (forever!) and members-only coaching deals — so you’ll always have everything you need to find your food freedom

As a member of The Growth Vault, you’ll get full access to every paid workshop, course and guide I’ve ever created — and every paid resource I create in the future, forever.

And every month, you’ll get exclusive content like videos and worksheets to expand on what you’re focusing on that month — so you’ll grow, make progress and move forward every single time you log in.

The Growth Vault is designed to be all you ever need to to create the food and life freedom you desire and deserve so that you can finally focus on the rest of your life.

And for most women, it will be.

But if you decide you need or want one-on-one support at any time, I want you to know I’m 100% committed to your growth and success, whatever it takes.

That’s why you’ll get exclusive, members-only deals on one-on-one coaching. (Hint: your savings on one financial coaching session alone would more than pay for a month of membership.)

Choose Your Plan Now

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Either plan gets you members’ access to The Growth Vault, including monthly Coaching Calls plus foundational Courses & Workshops, exclusive content, free access to all of the paid resources Paige creates (forever!) and members-only one-on-one coaching deals. Cancel anytime with either plan.

While I began working with Paige knowing she specialized in body image and intuitive eating, I never imagined what else I would gain from her.

Paige taught me early on that how you treat one thing is how you treat all things, and I now fully realize this truth. Through my work with Paige, I have become more relaxed in all areas of my life — including with money.

I have struggled for a long time with my relationship with money, as I have lived in a scarcity mindset in all things for many years. As Paige taught me abundance and gratitude, I became less wasteful and stressed around money, and more mindful and appreciative of my purchases. I saw my bank account grow solely because I wasn’t feeling the need to spend on things I didn’t need!

I can’t imagine having not worked with Paige because I will take the principles with me throughout the rest of my life. She has taught me to budget monthly with grace, and to set goals that are achievable through balance with my finances.

Stasia W.

Hi, I’m

When I’m not drinking a cappuccino and eating a quiche, cuddling with my dog Abby or hanging out with my husband Marco…

I’m guiding my wonderful clients toward their food (and financial, and whole-life) freedom.

Over the last 8 years, I’ve helped hundreds of women — from all walks of life and every corner of the globe — to change their lives in the most powerful way imaginable: by learning to trust themselves.

(That’s the kind of support that helped me ditch diets for good and find my food freedom, almost a decade ago.)

And I couldn’t be more honored to support you in that very same way.

When I first began coaching with Paige I was on the verge of depression, completely burnt out, and unhealthy in my mind, body and spirit. I finally came to a point where I realized how much I was struggling with disordered eating and how I viewed my body and somehow found Paige on Instagram.

I was taken back when I read one of her posts about having a good “relationship with food”. I immediately thought “Woah.. This girl may understand what Iʼm going through.”

Through working with Paige, I learnt practical ways to deal with my harmful habits (physical and mental) and shift them into feel-good habits. Even more, she helped me to identify habits I didnʼt even know I had.

Paige was never judgemental and always reminded me not to feel ashamed. Through this entire process I have realized something: I am not alone. She helped me to have great compassion and love for those around me as I learned that other men and women are struggling too.

Amanda E.

Still Unsure?

You’re ready to find your food (and life) freedom in The Growth Vault if...

Did you catch yourself nodding your head?

If so, then I absolutely cannot wait to meet you inside The Growth Vault.

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Either plan gets you members’ access to The Growth Vault, including monthly Coaching Calls plus foundational Courses & Workshops, exclusive content, free access to all of the paid resources Paige creates (forever!) and members-only one-on-one coaching deals. Cancel anytime with either plan.

Before working with Paige, I had hit diet bottom.

It started with Weight Watchers a few years ago. I lost weight, had so many people complimenting me for a year or so, and then spent the subsequent 4 years trying to get back to that inevitably elusive goal weight as soon as real life took hold. The compliments were gone and so was all my worth I’d put in being thin. I couldn’t handle another diet, my mind would just skip ahead to 4 months time when I’d put all the weight back on again as I knew I didn’t want to count calories for my whole life.

Enter Paige.

During our first call, I was still holding onto weight loss. I knew I couldn’t diet anymore, but I hoped weight loss would be the result of this new journey. Paige was compassionate and kind in this area and gave me many tools to slowly let go of this. The moment came a few months into our six month journey. Letting go of trying to control my body was the freedom I needed to look after her!

I can’t believe that I have a future of peace with food. I’m still on the journey, still reviewing my notes from our sessions when I need them, but I KNOW with absolute certainty, that another diet is not the answer.

I am so grateful to Paige for the tools, language and compassion she unleashed upon me over the past six months. I have a few overseas trips coming up this year that would normally have me running to a diet for control, I now know I can simply be excited about them ’cause I deserve to enjoy them just as I am! At peace with food.

Nikki P.

By Now...

you already know that the BIGGEST difference between fully experiencing food freedom and keeping your old calorie-counting app on standby (and feeling a pang of anxiety every single time you order lunch, forever) comes down to...

Developing rock solid self trust in every area of your life and having the right kind of consistent support.

So if you’re still on the fence, I owe it to you to be direct:

If you’ve had at least two moments this month where you’ve been preoccupied with food in a way that pulled you out of experiencing your life in the moment, whether you were unable to focus on your conversation at a restaurant or you felt lingering, persistent food guilt looong after you’d finished your meal… you need The Growth Vault.

If you’re ALREADY investing time and energy doing things like immersing yourself in books, blog posts and ‘expert’ interviews — but you’re noticing that the information you’re taking in isn’t translating to feeling freer…. you need The Growth Vault.


If you dream of stepping off your diet-to-diet roller coaster once and for all, and the main thing holding you back is deep-seated fear that you won’t be able to make it work because you’re different or broken in some way… you need The Growth Vault.

If you’re ready, I look forward to doing everything in my power to help you step into your power — and finally start experiencing the capital-F Freedom I already know you’re capable of.

You know all you need to know. You have everything you need to make an empowered decision, one way or the other.

Now it’s time to trust yourself and leap off the fence. And there’s a zero risk guarantee when you join – cancel anytime. What’s it gonna be?

Choose Your Plan Now

Pay Monthly



Get A Full Year


SAVE $145
Either plan gets you members’ access to The Growth Vault, including monthly Coaching Calls plus foundational Courses & Workshops, exclusive content, free access to all of the paid resources Paige creates (forever!) and members-only one-on-one coaching deals. Cancel anytime with either plan.