The Number One Reason Why The Way We Are With Food Is The Way We Are With Money

The number one reason people stop budgeting is that they feel bored and discouraged. It should NOT be this way, and it doesn't have to be any longer. Paige Schmidt is going to help you create a sustainable budget that affords you WHAT YOU LOVE.

Perhaps you’re the type of person, like I was, who gets super excited about the idea of a budget, creates spreadsheets, a plan, etc… follows it for a few days, and then feels totally overwhelmed and throws it out the window.

Has that ever happened to you? Don’t worry… there is hope.

I find that a lot of women budget like they diet.

They decide they’re going to save money and they scrimp wherever they can. They create a budget and they cut back on all of the things they consider “fun non-essentials.”

They stop buying clothes, getting coffee out, going out to eat with friends, they cut their entertainment money, and they dye their hair back to their natural color so they don’t have to go to the salon anymore.

Until they see someone else going out to dinner, buying new clothes, having fun with their friends, and getting an amazing new haircut.

Then, it’s back to square one. OUT with that boring budget that zaps all of the fun out of life. Let’s dip right into that savings account and go berserk.

This is exactly how I used to be with money…

Every single month, my bank account started with virtually zero dollars and it would work it’s way up to exactly what I needed to pay all of my bills for that month. By the end of the month all of my money would have gone out of my bank account, and I’d start the following month with virtually zero dollars again.

The most money I ever had in my savings account was $800.

I remember this vividly, because once I saw that $800 and I didn’t have any reason for saving money other than I’d heard that it was a good idea, I went to shopping and splurged with every penny (plus a few extra dollars on a credit card).

I thought it would be WAY more fun to shop than to save — especially with $800 that I had no idea why I was saving. This savings thing was BORING. I was doing NOTHING fun.

Shopping felt WAY more fun. And it was…

Until a couple of weeks later when I realized that I had tried to save again but had failed. At this point, I wondered if I just wasn’t a saver and I was okay with that. Saving felt BORING.

I’d justify not saving or focusing too much on money by saying things like…

“Life is about more than just money.”
“I should just have fun!”
“Who cares about money!”

I didn’t understand the point of working hard for money that was just going to sit in a bank account. WHAT was the purpose?

Perhaps you’re in the same boat?

THIS is why it’s so important to keep the FUN in your budgeting and savings goals, which is exactly what we address in the Budgeting + Saving Workshop. The number one reason people stop budgeting is that they feel bored and discouraged. It should NOT be this way, and it doesn’t have to be any longer.

We’re going to help you create a sustainable budget that affords you WHAT YOU LOVE.

If you’d like to take the Budgeting + Saving Workshop, fill in your info below so I can email you a personal invitation to grab your ticket:

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Love, Paige

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