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What if...

you could stop putting yourself last and start showing up as the woman you want to be today?

What if I told you I could help you do that by lunchtime?

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(in fact, they probably need it more but don’t ever ask for it)

Does this sound like you:


I know the kind of wife and mother I want to be but I fail all the time when life gets hard and stressful


From sunup til sundown I’m working, planning, cooking, cleaning, caring. I only know one pace


Even if I had time for a different speed, something pops up to send me back in to fix it or make it better


At night, I lay in bed listing what I didn’t get done and wonder why I feel so behind when I do so much


I’m a strong woman who never asks for help and find myself weighed down by self-doubt, and mind-drama


I’m already making a list of things I need to do tomorrow so I can do it better than today

So then, let me ask you this…

Where do YOU fit into this picture? And no, I’m not talking about the occasional drinks with friends or trips to the nail salon.

I’m asking you “When was the last time you regularly prioritized yourself or truly felt an intrinsic calm?”

Hi! I'm Paige,

I’m on a mission to help women just like you finally figure out how to put themselves at the top of their to-do list.

With over 10 years as a Certified Transformational Coach, I am here to help you paint a clear picture of the woman you want to be and calmly step into becoming her.

I promise…

Everything will improve the moment you decide to make yourself a priority.

If you’re ready to really know and trust yourself, I’d love to help you. It’s time for you to fall asleep at night feeling proud of how you showed up today.

You are 3 Secrets Away From Making Space For Yourself

In my coaching I talk specifically about 3 secrets to help you prioritize yourself and I want to share these secrets with you.

You’re Busy, I know. This is why I made these lessons quick enough that you can literally tune-in while you’re grocery shopping, dropping kids off, even cooking dinner.

Quick. Easy. Prioritize Yourself.

I Need These 3 Secrets! Unlock the Free Lesson Today!

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"Since joining Aligned I have become more confident in who I am, what I value, and knowing how to create a more balanced life for myself."

Kelly H.

“The person I am today is the person I wanted to become when I started my journey in coaching with Paige–the healthy, happy, comfortable and confident version of me."

Chelsea B.

“I needed help getting to the next level, and Paige helped me do just that... my kids can now enjoy a happier, less-stressed mom and my life feels lighter, less hectic and more intentional."

Kristin D.

"I drove up to see my family a couple of weeks ago. I showed up that weekend exactly as I wanted to. My parents text me at the end of the weekend thanking me for how I’d showed up (what?!)."

Georgie B.

Kim S.
"Paige always supported me in such a realistic and calm way which has helped me to feel more calm. Having Paige's support to make the changes I wanted to make was so essential for me; navigating through change on our own is tough!"

Kim S.

"I look forward to my entire daily routine now, including better work-life balance and more JOY. I have been working on some of these areas for a decade but they didn’t click until I had an outlet for daily consistent practice and growth."

Charlotte N.