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Coaching & community for women who are ready to co-create a bright & purposeful life with God.

At Live Brightly, I understand your deep desire to live a bright and purposeful life.

I know how tempting it can be to seek answers from various sources like Instagram influencers, books, or new age gurus. I’ve been there too. But let me share a secret with you – true transformation happens when we turn to the Ultimate Source, Jesus. That’s why I offer faith-based coaching where God is at the heart of our work together. With a track record of successfully coaching over 500 women, I am excited and ready to help you live Your Bright Life, guided by the wisdom and love of God.

When you let your light shine, you inspire others to do the same.

Here’s how we can do this together:


Step One:

Choose a Live Brightly coaching experience.


Step Two:

Show up, be vulnerable, release what dims your light. 


Step Three:

Experience transformation, grow your faith, live brighter!

Are You Ready to Co-Create Your Bright Life with God?

“I have been Paige’s client for nearly two years. I was a client of hers before and after she fully integrated God into her coaching style, and let me tell you, I never imagined what the fruits of this shift could be! She has cracked open my heart to receive God and to co-create my life with Him. I feel more deeply connected to His purpose for my life, which has influenced how I am as a wife, parent, entrepreneur, and neighbor. I have redefined success. I allow my silliest, truest self to show up. I have shifted the lens through which I view people and circumstances. I am the woman I always wished I could be, and I know there’s more growth and joy ahead. For me, working with a life coach was a 10/10 decision. But working with God as my coach, with Paige as the most loving facilitator and guide, is 100/10! Do not hesitate to work with Paige in becoming your you-est you. Take the next step!”


Live Your Bright Life



With God

Live Brightly is not hard work riddled with to-do lists and endless modules–it’s quite the opposite. This is soul care. This is discovering the woman God created you to be and living brightly as her. Show up, release excess, feel lighter, and experience more joy, energy and clarity as you invite God to be central in your life.

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Paige Schmidt, Coach
Co-Creating a Life of Purpose with God

Why Me?
Hi! I’m Paige

As a coach, I’ve had access to a lot of personal growth resources and hacks over the last 12+ years. But very few of them embrace the power of God and His role in our lives. Like you, I’ve read books, taken courses, and listened to endless podcasts. And while they offered some valuable insights, I eventually realized that there was a limit to how much I could solve on my own without God at the center.

As I committed to seeking Him first in all of my decisions–both life and business, the answers became clear. He planted Live Brightly™ in my heart. As a Certified Coach who has helped more than 500 women in 10+ years, I integrate transformational coaching tools and faith so you can live your bright life.

So, Are You Ready to Live Your Bright Life?

“The greatest benefit of coaching has been intentional, scheduled time to process with someone who embodies ease and light, qualities I seek in my own life.“

– April

“Coaching reconnected me to the things I love: gardening, God, journaling, family talks, reading. Ultimately, Paige helped me become a better version of myself.”

– Mamey

“I have grown in self-awareness, stopped comparing myself to others, proved myself less, trusted God more, and have learned practical steps to live by.”


“I’m the happiest and most balanced I’ve ever been. Paige taught me to approach life from a place of kindness, not guilt. It’s completely shifted the way I do everything.”


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