Daily Eats and December Goodness


Today I’m here with a couple days of eats to kick off December. Happy to be here with you and hope you enjoy!

Before we dive in, a reminder: I share these eats to be an example of what is possible for you in your relationship with food. That it is just as true for you, as it is for me, that you can experience peace, calm, and ease with food. That you are able to eat what you enjoy, listen to your body, and let go of the need for rules around food. That as a result, you are able to live a life that leaves you feeling good, focused on and present to what is most important to you. That you are able to fulfill your potential and feel good about it.


I decided to do a daily eats post late Wednesday morning so didn’t start taking photos until after breakfast. For breakfast I enjoyed two slices of toasted Ezekiel with two over medium eggs.

For lunch I made a yummy steak salad at home with blue cheese dressing (other toppings: blue cheese crumbles, cherry tomato, onion, bell pepper). So good! And satisfying too.

As a mid-day snack I made a small cheese plate (these are my favorite for snacks lately!). On my cheese plate: salami, goat cheddar cheese, 50% roasted salted almonds and dried mango). Yum!

For dinner we had chicken thighs (cooked in olive oil with salt and pepper), steamed rice with tamari, and sweet potatoes with a side salad to go with it. Yum – both Marco and I said this was so good (the chicken thighs were perfect!). I cooked the sweet potatoes on 425 for 60 minutes (poke them all around) and they were so soft and perfect.

Wednesday evening I was in the mood for dessert so I had some Peanut Butter Cup Perfection from Coldstone (we have a to-go quart of this at home – it’s Marco’s favorite!). It was good, but I love Strawberry Rendezvous the most. I shared a few bites of this with Marco.


I started out the morning with a cup of coffee in bed with Marco as I woke up. Once I finished my coffee I hopped up, got into gym clothes and headed out to the gym (I ate a GoMacro bar on the way with to-go coffee).

By the way, while pregnant I’ve been choosing decaf coffee but still have some caffeine when I sip iced tea at home or get a matcha latte out, one or two times per week (love me some matcha lattes!).

When I got home from the gym I ate breakfast with Marco. Sourdough with scrambled eggs on top (mmm, mmm good!). After breakfast, we took Abby down the street to the park to let her play and fetch her ball.

When I got back home I had a quick check-in call with a client and then did a couple hours of computer work. I stayed off of Instagram all day Thursday (sometimes it just feels so nice to take a break and not consume anything on social). It honestly clears my mind more than anything else to just unplug from social. I’m taking this month to contemplate how I’d like to use social in 2021 because I do love connecting with all of you there (and some of my clients do find me there) but I don’t want to be so plugged in. I think I’ll plan up a bit more routine with it. I need something to change. Those 3.5 months I took off of social this year taught me so much about the mental space that it takes up.

After a couple hours of work I was really ready for lunch. I felt an intense hunger – not quite like a grumbling stomach, but a deep need for something satisfying that was going to “hit my belly” if you know what I mean. While I prepped lunch I got out a handful of wheat thins to snack on with little chunks of blue cheese (holy, satisfying!).

For lunch I had leftovers of dinner the night before: salad, sweet potato, rice, and the last chicken thigh piece we had left. So good, so satisfying.

After lunch I had some space in my day before I started with my private clients (ahem, what happens when I don’t have Instagram browsing as an option) and spent some time journaling. I poured another cup of decaf coffee, lit my candle, turned on worship music, read Jesus Calling, and did a gratitude brain dump. It felt so good.

When I finished with my client sessions I was feeling so inspired that I decided to push off dinner and spend some time vision boarding. My client calls inspired me so much to think about who I am becoming.

I got into my PJ’s and began. While vision boarding I snacked on this cheese plate: salami, white cheddar goat cheese, almonds, and green olives (soooo good).

After some vision boarding I continued to search for photos online that represent how I love to feel and what I want to create now and into the new year. As I did that, I snacked on these apple slices as I wanted something crunchy and sweet. Hit the spot!

When I was done, I made dinner and it was sooo good. I baked salmon at 425 for 20 minutes. I seasoned it with olive oil, sea salt, pepper, garlic powder and dill. SO easy and SO good. I made rice pilaf on the stove (Trader Joe’s!) and reheated the last of the leftover sweet potatoes I had this week. I also had a big side salad. I was hungry for dinner and again, just needed something that felt really warm, comforting, and satisfying. This so did the trick. I gave Abby about 1/3 of my salmon and sweet potato (we rarely give Abby human food, but when we do we pick up her bowl, take it to the kitchen, put the food in it and then take it back to her little eating spot).


Today (happy Friday!) started out by letting Abby out to potty (everyday starts like this!), making my coffee, making the bed, and getting into my gym clothes. I brewed a full coffee into my Yeti cup this morning and then poured a little bit into a small cup to have at home while I got ready.

On the way to the gym I sipped my coffee and enjoyed a banana. At the gym I’ve been really listening to my body and am being gentle with her. I’m also so impressed by her steadiness through pregnancy as I workout. Maybe it’s because I’m being more aware because of Selah girl, but I feel so steady as I do gentle strength training.

On my way home I stopped by a natural foods market near our house and picked up some basics we ran out of: tamari, butter, dried mangoes, and a jar of salsa that just looked really good! (Probably have some of that with Siete chips today!)

When I got home I said hi to my sweet Abber’s and made breakfast: two eggs and a slice of toasted sourdough with butter. I had my second coffee with a spoonful of sweet cream inside (yum!).

I haven’t had lunch yet, but I know what I’m having since I packed it away last night (and I can’t wait to eat it because last nights dinner was so good!). Salmon with rice pilaf (you guys, this rice pilaf from Trader Joe’s is seriously so good!). Highly recommend.

After lunch today I’ll meet with a couple of my private clients, wrap up my workday and head out with a couple of girlfriends for an evening Costco and dinner trip. I am so excited. It’s the small things! Haha, but time with girlfriends and getting dinner together… ah, it just feels good.

This weekend we’ll be celebrating our friends who are due in December to have their baby boy/girl (we don’t know what they’re having yet!). I am over the moon excited to meet their sweet baby who I know Selah will get to be so close with (they’ll only be about 10 weeks apart!).

On Sunday, I’ll watch Mission Church online. What this looks like: I wake up, have a quiet morning, pour a cup of coffee and cuddle up on the couch with Abby. I have my Rifle Paper Co. notebook with me, as I listen to and sing worship music as it plays over our speakers, and then enjoy the sermon. Starts my Sunday so well!

The rest of the day is unknown. Rest, relaxation, whatever the day brings :).

I’ll be back Monday to share the rest of today’s eats (including what us girls get for dinner tonight!) and what I enjoy this weekend.

For the rest of this month I’ll continue to share daily eats and life with you. As I shared in this post, I’m claiming December as my month. My month to feel great, rest, and to focus on pleasure and connection… it’s going to be a good month (it already is!).

To end, here’s a SWEET text I received from a private client this morning (this is what is possible for YOU).

P.S. If you’re looking for support in coaching in the New Year I am now booking Discovery Sessions for January 2021 (I have opened up six new spaces – they are first come first serve). You can book for Health Coaching here or Financial Coaching here.

Love, Paige

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