♫ It’s The Most POPULAR Time Of The Year! ♫


It’s almost February!

Do you know what that means? It’s the biggest time of year for Health Coaching! (and, the binder just had a photoshoot with Amanda Driver, which we should all be excited about!)

You’ve got TWO options right now:

  1. One on one Health Coaching with me (stay here!)
  2. Join me in my She’s Got It Together Group Program (go here)

Happy to have you 🙂

paige capo

Let’s chat about it, shall we? Grab your coffee.

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Health Coaching has always been a service. A six month service where the Health Coach guides the client to reach his/her goals. In my case, her goals.

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Well, my Health Coaching “went tangible” when the Healthy Hits Coaching Binder for HHS came out last July! It’s been a hit ever since.

When you work with me, you will not only get a one-on-one Health Coaching service, but I will also provide you with your own Health Coaching binder full of beautifully designed/printed resources on nutrition, lifestyle, metabolic types/tests, recipes, exercise trackers, progress trackers, payment trackers, session note sheets, tips/suggestions, lists, experiments, worksheets, and guides.

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Not only will you receive 160 simple yet information pages teaching you the ways of a healthy lifestyle, but you will also receive a very personal letter directly from me. This is the perfect way to start off our relationship.

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After our initial consultation together I will know more about you, your goals, and how can guide you within our six months together.

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You will also receive Healthy Hits the Spot business cards to share with your friends & family when you’re explaining what a Health Coach is. Plus, they’re too pretty not to have on hand…and, if you bring a friend with you you’ll get a little big surprise. Ask me about it. 🙂

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Slipped inside the front cover will be your Program Schedule completely filled out with all of our future meetings. This will help you to feel organized, on track, and motivated (having a health coach & your own schedule appointments in itself is sure to make you feel empowered, motivated, and accomplished). You will know exactly when your appointments are, and it will be easy to implement our bi-weekly phone sessions into your current lifestyle.

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You will also receive this payment tracker pre-filled in for you. This will help you to stay on top of your finances while investing in your health (the absolute most important thing we could invest in!)


At our consultation, you will receive your Circle of Life, Goals Worksheet, and Program Agreement. You will be sending these three pages to me in the mail. In your binder, I will include copies of all three pages (your binder will be shipped shortly after I receive your getting started papers). This way, you will have your signed Agreement, you will know what your Circle of Life looked like when you first started, and you will be able to see all of your six month goals.

healthy hits the spot coaching binder

Behind the 12th tab in your binder will be six months of printed calendars for you to track your exercise. This will be one way I hold you accountable as we work together to increase your daily movement.

healthy hits the spot session notes

Behind the 15th tab will be printed session notes to write down any recommendations I give you, and anything else you want to keep track of throughout your Signature Six-Month Program. After each session I will email you a follow-up with my recommendations for the next two weeks. You may print out these follow-up emails and store them in the notes section of your binder. This will keep you organized and help you to stay super intentional with your goals.

health coaching binder

The table of contents in the front of your binder will show you exactly how to navigate. Although there are 160 pages, they are organized between 15 dividers and simple to browse through. Don’t worry, it’s not a binder full of case-studies, it’s full of easy to read, practical, informative handouts to teach you how to live your new & healthy lifestyle. It’s so motivating! Trust me, I even made one for myself!

I know how much I am worth

This is from one of the handouts I provide on finances. It’s a check-list to make sure that you’re in a healthy spot with your money. Read #68. Do you know how much you’re worth? This is such a great thing to ask yourself when considering Health Coaching. I find it so interesting that we are willing to spend so much on junk food, clothes, and coffee, and so little investing in our health. Shouldn’t our health be just as important as our toothpaste, underwear, and groceries? If we don’t have our health, what do we have?

The Signature Six-Month Program:

♡ 12 private 50-minute coaching sessions with a Certified Holistic Health Coach, me!

I’m a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I am Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, I recently studied Intuitive Eating with Evelyn Trioble herself, and am now invested in Transformational Coaching with HolisticMBA Coaches Stacey & Carey. I myself am a living success story because of the methods I use in my Signature Six-Month Program.

♡ free email and text support between sessions

♡ weekly accountability and check-in emails

♡ bi-weekly recommendations to help you meet your goals

♡ a binder full of resources to teach you your new healthy way of living, and keep you organized/motivated

♡ lifetime access to the online Healthy Hits Coaching community

♡ lifetime access to updated resources for your binder

♡ an entire library of recipes for you to choose from and add to your binder

♡ 21 optional intuitive eating guideline/questionnaire resources created by Evelyn Tribole

♡ my personal commitment to your happiness and success

♡ if you sign with me in Feb 2015 you will also get my eBook, Finding Balance, totally free! If you already bought her in the past, you’ll get a $14.97 credit toward coaching!

Health Coaching truly is total lifestyle coaching. We work largely on nutrition/listening to your body/mindset shifts, but we also work through all of those life events that pop up over the course of six months. We set goals together, I hold you accountable, and we move forward together. We will work on your health, your relationships, your productivity, organization/planning skills, the way you speak to yourself and others, the way you feel about yourself, your joy, your career, your finances/budgeting, etc… It’s a full life spectrum!

healthy hits the spot client binder

This February I am opening up 10 Health Coaching spots  (I literally already have 10 of my own client forms started)! I’ve made room for this MOST popular time of year!











I am taking Consultations now.

Here are some of the things that my clients have experienced while going through my program: weight-loss, mood improvements, reversed anxiety, reversed depression, better body image, relief of dependency on certain medications, reversed binge eating, loss of sugar cravings, career moves, improved relationships…

the five love languages health coaching

…better socialization skills, financial control, rid of guilt around food, more joy, freedom to respect and value their bodies, the ability to listen to their hunger signals and respond with them, etc… and, they’ve all been seriously enlightened around nutrition!

(if you’ve really got some time, you can read deeper into testimonials here)

glorious greens

Drop your name on my list here and I’ll contact you with a link to fill out your Health History.

Health coaching is the most meaningful/loving way you could invest in yourself!

I often ask my clients this question right before they sign-up:

“what is the consequence for you not to receive support?”

Time and time again the answer is: “I will stay exactly where I am – I’ve already tried so many times to do this on my own.”

paige schmidt hc

Things my clients are saying right now:

“I am able to feel completely satisfied for the first time!”

“I don’t say negative things about myself anymore.”

“I can honestly say Health Coaching is one of the best things I’ve every done for myself.”

“To this day [months and months after coaching] I still employ all the things you’ve taught me.”

“I have made myself a priority, and I am a better person for it.”

“I love my body more now than ever before.”

“I love that now I focus on feeling healthy and strong. It makes me want to be better & help others more.”

“I want to say everyone needs a health coach, but really, I think everyone needs a Paige.”

“One thing I love is that you’re not aggressive & you don’t make me feel pressured. You ask the right questions, and help me come to my answers.”

“I don’t binge eat at all anymore.”

“I can now set goals and have no doubt that I can make them happen because of all the tools I’ve learned from you. I’ve recommended you to everyone with ears and I hope they follow through!”

“I can honestly say Health Coaching is one of the best decisions I have ever made!”

“Working with you has far exceeded my expectations!”

“I knew I would get something out of Health Coaching, but I had no idea it would be THIS good!”

“I am now focusing on primary food for nourishment and I have never felt more full and satisfied.”

“I can’t begin to explain the burden and weight that has been lifted as I’ve incorporated your coaching techniques and suggestions into my daily routine.”

Get your name on my list here.

I can’t wait to meet my new girls!!

If you’ve been a long time reader of HHS, have gone through coaching yourself, or have just signed up, please share this post with friends who you think might also be interested. Sharing on social media would also be awesome! Tag me if you share on social media so I can come thank you! 

Thank YOU for your support & helping me to help others. 

xo, your coach


(printed/shipped binder for US clients only — clients outside of the US will be able to receive a PDF via e-mail to create their own at home binder upon request. This binder is not sold separately from my Signature Six-Month Program. This is my Signature Six-Month Program exclusive.)

Love, Paige

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