10 Reasons For a Great Week!

Wow! The entire week is hitting me all in one day. This week I have had so much energy, and today, I am just straight pooped….

There are so many awesome things that have happened this week! Here are 10 of them!

  1. Marco and I booked our Wedding Venue
  2. We set the date! 8-1-14
  3. I picked my Bridesmaids
  4. They bought their dresses! Yes, already!
  5. I’ve been walking with my friend Aubrey bright and early every morning
  6. I’ve got to spend the sweetest time with my Mom – seriously blessed by her
  7. Plans for 2014 are shaping up
  8. I have the best Clients I could ask for
  9. I got to help in Marco’s aunts class room today making sock bats
  10. I got a Thank You card in the mail for from a Client – this means so much to me!


5:45 walk with Aubs


7:00 eggs + toast. Surprise!

photo 5

10:00 walk with Mom at the beach


12:00 greens!


3:00 fruit + yogurt, coconut, almonds, and cinn


3:00 small trail mix snack


6:00 Green Smoothie!


5:45 walk with Aubs


7:00 eggs + toast

photo 3

9:00 booked the Venue with my Mom and Marcos grandma!

photo 1

11:30 went to take a photo of my lunch… very focused… and instead took a picture of myself… I couldn’t not share this… ha!

photo 2

11:30 my actual lunch – shell-less tostada


6:20 dinner! Salad + a bowl of Greens. Lots of greens!

IMG_4783.JPG IMG_4784.JPG

8:15 Green Smoothie dessert! Marco has been loving Green Smoothies too!

Okay y’all!

I’m off to work until 10:30p tonight. This weekend we have NOTHING PLANNED and it feels SO GOOD! You better believe I’m sleeping in tomorrow 😉

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