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It’s been a while since I’ve done a daily eats post, hasn’t it?! It’s not only been a while since I’ve written a post, it’s been a while since I’ve consistently taken food photos. You guys, I can’t tell you how challenging it was to get back into this habit, ha!

Before we start, I want to just remind us all that the purpose of me sharing my daily eats is to encourage each of you, individually, to listen to your own bodies wants and needs. These posts are to bring ideas, to help us relate, and for us to connect in a light & fun way.

Since it’s been a while, I’ll also include some LIFE (aka, in between the food) photos as well.

SUNDAYDaily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot - 2 of 16

While I didn’t take any food photos on Sunday, it was such a special day that I still wanted to include it here. Marco and I drove down to Ventura early Sunday morning and shortly after we got here all of my moms brothers and sisters came over to pray with my mama. There’s 7 of them!

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot - 1 of 16

While they all prayed and spent time together, my brother Chase and I (in the photo below, my brother Chase is the adorable bearded boy) went and had a coffee date. We talked about all things life and mama, and how we can best help/support her right now.

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Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot - 3 of 16

When we came home after coffee, my brother, his wife, my niece, and a bunch more of our family came over to be together for the day (isn’t my niece the cutest? :-D). Needless to say, it was a really special day for my mom – we’ve all felt so much more optimistic/hopeful since this day.


Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot - 4 of 16

On Monday morning, I woke up early, went to a coffee shop, got a ton of work done for several hours, picked up my rental car (above!), went to step class with my dad, and then came home to get ready before my family and I went to Ojai for lunch.

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot - 5 of 16

I hadn’t eaten breakfast this day. I had zero belly growls, and my body was completely unfocused on food. When I got home, I had a banana before we left for Ojai. Look who showed up in my photo! Where’s Noah? Cute boy!

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot - 6 of 16

For lunch, we went the The Farmer and the Cook in Ojai. I have clients who live in Ojai, and have always recommended this spot to me! It’s all farm to table. Literally, there is a farmer who brings in the goods, and a woman (the chef) who cooks! It’s incredible vegetarian food. I ordered veggie & goat cheese tacos.

After lunch, Marco went to the gym and I had him drop me off at a coffee shop while he worked out so I could get a some more hours of work in. It’s been such a blessing to work from anywhere lately – I’ve mentioned this a lot, because I’m just that grateful. My work has felt as fulfilling as ever.

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot - 8 of 16

For dinner, I had some lo-mien that my dad had made for the family on Sunday. Deeeelicous. And felt much better to eat than your typical Chinese food (well, America’s typical Chinese food) since it was made at home.

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot - 9 of 16

To follow, my dad made us a big salad that we all shared. Yum, yum, yum. It’s been tons of fruits and veggies everyday for this family!

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot - 11 of 16

To continue on a great day (my mom felt so good on Monday – thank you Lord!) we had a big ol’ Bachelor girls night. You guys, I have never been so attached to a season. I’m not sure if it’s because Ben, or if it’s because it’s been such a special fun break for my mama from the tough stuff. I think it’s the second guess.

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot - 10 of 16

My Bachelor for the night was Mr. Easton, who is Aubrey’s baby – one of my very best friends! Is he not the cutest? This little guy is a total blessing and miracle, and I love being around him. After I held him, my mom held him all night long. Ah, my heart.

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot - 12 of 16

Everyone brought snacks and wine, of course. While we were hanging out, I enjoyed some rice crackers with olive tapenade + broccoli & carrots with a little bit of my dads homemade blue cheese dressing. Holy, yum.


Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot - 13 of 16

Tuesday morning started out with early work for me, and then a ride to my CPA’s office to finish up taxes. After my morning appointment, I drove over to the hospital to be with mama as she started her second day of chemo.

While they were getting her set up, my dad, Marco, and myself walked across the street to get breakfast. As you can tell, I forgot to take a photo when I started! I only remembered once I ended. Whoops! I had a small green chili, avocado, and cheese omelet, and left the potatoes and toast behind. This felt too heavy.

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot - 14 of 16

After breakfast, it was hanging out with sweet DotDot, and working from my laptop. I got her to laugh here – pretty good one, huh? Her laugh is my favorite!

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot - 15 of 16

When it was time to meet with clients, I said bye to my mama, drove out to the beach, and had my sessions from the car. It was so beautiful, quiet, and peaceful. Love my clients so much. I know I keep saying it, but I appreciate this work more than ever before.

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot - 16 of 16

After working with my clients, I went to the gym for a short time to decompress from the day before Marco and I had a business launch to attend. When I got home, I made the fam a big salad to share and then got ready for the night.

At the business launch party (for a family friend) I had a small plate that included a few brown rice chips with guac/salsa + a scoop of brown rice pasta to try. Pretty good, especially the brown rice chips! I’ll definitely be sharing how to make those yourself on the blog or Insta!

Ah, it’s been so fun to be here with you girls and share daily eats with you! I’ll do my best to continue taking photos and share more eats with you on Friday. Would you like to see more daily eats lately? If so, let me know in the comments!

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