20 Wins to Celebrate From 2020

20 Wins To Celebrate From 2020

Hi there!

Today I am taking a moment to pause and reflect on some of my favorite things about 2020. Because yes, it was a strange and tough year for many, but it was also a good year in many ways, for many of you.

Join me as I reflect on 20 wins for 2020 and ways I’ve grown that I am grateful for. My future self in 2021 is grateful to my 2020 self for growing in these ways.

1. Got pregnant

In 2020, our story will be that we got pregnant with Selah, our baby girl. In 2021, our story will be that Selah was born. These two years will forever mark the rest of our lives, and I am so grateful.

Here’s the blog post where I shared our news!

2. Moved back to California

This is a win because it’s been wonderful to be back (and we also loved our time in Reno). Being back in California has been more wonderful than I could have imagined.

The fresh food, the amazing weather (will never take for granted a 72 degree winter day again), the people, the ocean, and the year round greenery. I love looking outside and seeing green!

3. Sold our home in Reno

When we bought our first home in Reno in 2018 I was sure this would be our forever home. I remember talking to a friend about buying a home, half excited and half feeling like I was going to puke everywhere (nerves!).

I asked her if it made her nervous to be a homeowner and she said no. She knew they could always sell their house if needed. What a simple thought! It made me feel so much better. Of course we could!

So thankfully two years later when we shocked ourselves and decided to move back, our home sold within a week of listing it. In fact, our first offer ended up coming back (closer to our asking price) and being our buyer!

The gratitude we feel for how well this worked out is huge!

4. Lived on a vineyard!

When we got to California the plan was to stay with friends for a few months while we searched for our next home to buy. Our friends own a vineyard and had a fully set up space for us to stay on that vineyard.

It was magical. Abby had the time of her life, running those acres! I had the time of my life, learning how running a vineyard worked. Marco and I got to help out and learn something we’d never imagined learning.

It was such a special time and such a beautiful place to be when COVID-19 first shut down the world. Every morning I’d pour my coffee, open the front door, let Abby out and just stare and the beauty of the sun rising over that beautiful place. Talk about greenery in the Spring!

5. Traveled to Mexico!

In March, literally a week before the shutdown happen (we came home the day before SLO went into our first stay home orders) we found ourselves in La Ribera, Mexico. We had such a great time with our friends. Built amazing memories.

After La Ribera the plan was to go to Cabo for a few days. That part of the trip I could have done without (I much prefer the less busy parts of Mexico) and we ended up switching our flights to come home early so we didn’t get stuck.

6. Made new friends

Right around the time we moved back, our now friends Mike and Corrine moved up here. Hidden blessings! We had no idea we’d ever meet them, and looking back all I can think is “thank you God!”

Corrine and I got pregnant 10 weeks apart and it’s been so sweet to have someone to go through my first pregnancy with. The way I can describe it is that we both feel extremely supported.

7. Deepened friendships

Does anyone else feel that 2020 deepened your current relationships?

That’s been true for us. There are fewer people we get to see and spend time with (for sure) but it’s been a blessing. It’s helped us to go way deeper into fewer relationships which has really made our friendships feel really special.

What started out with far away waves, driving by each others houses, turned into our little COVID pod where we’d get together and have dinner at one another’s houses, do Monday night football, take the dogs to the park, go for walks, etc. It’s been one of my favorite parts of 2020.

8. Found a new place to rent

After about six months of living on that beautiful vineyard, we found a home to rent. We made the decision to stop looking for a home to buy in July of 2020 when I told Marco that I really felt we should wait and see what the market decides to do. Our commitment is to wait until at least April 2021 until we start looking again.

I have a feeling with baby girl coming in March, we will not start our search until at least August. But who knows! We’re so happy with the home we found to rent. We have all of our things with us, Selah’s room has been so fun for me to set up, and trees surround us in the hilly neighborhood we’re living in. I love it.

9. Set up baby girls nursery

Ah, setting up Selah’s room has been so special. As a little girl I loved re-decorating and re-arranging my room. I probably did it every three weeks. Haha! While I no longer enjoy switching furniture around a room every few weeks, I love setting a room up and making it feel like home to us.

I don’t really have a specific style. If I had to describe my style it would be neutral with pops of happy, clean, cozy, warm, and simple. I like just the things we need to bring joy and coziness, and never too much.

Selah’s room feels that way to me now, and I can’t wait for her to make it her own one day, if she happens to be anything like me and enjoy switching things up as a little girl. I’ll support it!

10. Adventured in our camper

The first thing we decided to do when we moved back to California was to buy another camper. With Marcos better work schedule (he gets a good amount of time off!) and the endless places to travel here, we knew we wanted to bring a camper back into our lives.

We bought the camper in the summer and have taken multiple trips locally to Big Sur, Ventura, and Paso Robles. We also did a summer trip with a couple of friends up to Bass Lake and had a blast. I’ve loved these memories so much.

11. Upgraded my makeup and skincare

This is new for me!

Makeup and especially skincare have always been an afterthought for me. In high school, I never washed my face (other than in the shower with a regular bar of soap). I would fall asleep everyday with a face full of makeup from the day and not breakout.

As I near 30 and become a mama, my goal was to upgrade my makeup and skincare so that my routine would be as simple and as loving as possible to myself.

So I switched to washing my face each night with this Then I Met You cleaning duo, moisturizing with this Tatcha water cream, and this Bobbi Brown vitamin enriched makeup base.

These all have a higher price tag than I’ve ever invested in myself, and they’re all so worth it. It feels like I’m giving myself and my skin a gift each time I use any of them. Gifts to myeslf!

12. Fell more in love with my body

There are a few reasons for why I’ve developed a deeper love with my body this year, but definitely upgrading my self-care has been one of them. It’s been an action that says to me you’re worth it each time I do it.

I’ve also started flossing every day (I started by telling myself repeatedly “this is so easy!” and it worked), getting dressed every day (or at least every workday), and putting on body butter every single night.

I started the body butter as I was to care for my skin as she stretches and grows to support this baby girl, and it turned into an evening ritual where I could show my body love and appreciation as she grows and changes. It’s been an important part of having a changing body for me – to love and care for her well.

13. Moved my body consistently

This has been a year where I’ve learned to move my body consistently free from any tracking, any obligation, any “should’s” and just simply because I want to feel good.

Whether it’s a neighborhood walk with girl friend(s) and/or Abby, a gym sesh where I lift weights or run, or simply a day of swimming (over summer), I’ve learned to consistently give my body the movement she craves while appreciating it all. None of it feels pressured. It all felt/feels like just caring for and loving the body I have.

14. Started working on my thought-life more

I’ve done more thought work this year than ever before. From telling myself “this is so easy!” to start flossing, to running and focusing on everything I love about it, to challenging myself in new ways in my business… I could go on. Any area where I’ve wanted to grow in my life I have practiced massive thought work and it has been so powerful.

I will continue this heavily into 2021 as I make more changes to my business and life that I’m so excited about. I can’t wait to share them with all of you! One, I already shared with you and it’s in the works now: I’m starting a podcast as my next way to connect with you!

15. Launched financial coaching

This was also the year I got to really introduce you all to how food and money tie together and step into supporting women to get empowered around their own money.

To reduce the stress they feel around it, to stop impulse/mindless spending, and to get calm, mindful, and organized around their money. It’s been so fun to support my clients in this way and I’ve seen it make such a difference in their lives. See how to work with me around your finances here.

16. Stepped WAY back from social media

This year, I took a ton of time off social media. I spent less time on social in 2020 than ever before. I felt this nudge that I would enjoy less of it and followed that nudge by taking a two week break that turned into 3.5 months off. Those months taught me how much slower and gentler life can feel without social.

Moving into 2021 I’ll use social as a place to share and produce value strategically, but I’m not going to use it as a place to deeply consume. I’ll consume through my other favorite sources right now: reading and podcasts.

I’ve continued to limit my social by simply keeping the app off my home screen. Most days I don’t even log on and it’s been really nice.

17. Had an amazing year coaching

Whether I’m working with a client in The Growth Vault (which by the way is going to get so much love this year – just wait!!) or privately in one on one coaching, I have deeply loved all of my coaching clients this year.

This has been a year where I have gotten deeply aligned with my clients and the clients who are coming to me are exactly who I want to be working with. I am so grateful for the incredible women I’ve been able to support this year.

18. Added 25 new members to The Growth Vault

And in 2021, we’re going to 4x that with 100 (105 to be exact!) new spaces for women to join me in coaching through The Growth Vault. Wanna know a few things we’re going to be doing?

The Growth Vault, as I shared, is getting some MEGA LOVE this year! We’re changing the name (as TGV changes, I want the name to reflect it’s growth and “vault” feels like a static name to me).

We’re also up-leveling the coaching and support inside of this coaching community. Meaning, I’ll be even more hands on and do more coaching through this space.

And finally, I’ll be adding in four brand new courses into The Growth Vault for new and incoming members. I cannot wait to share about all of this with you! It’s going to be so fun.

19. I allowed myself REST

The social media break, becoming pregnant, COVID… all of it has taught me to appreciate the value of rest even more. In my first trimester, I allowed for many naps. Since then, I’ve carried over the value of just knowing when I need rest and taking a moment to sit. To unplug. To just be. And for that reason, I’ve felt better than ever. Rest is important.

20. More clarity

2020 was a year that challenges us all to crack open, examine ourselves, have conversations that perhaps we didn’t even know were needed. I am no where near finished.

This year has cracked open my heart, shown me where I want to love more/better. It’s taught me to be more thoughtful with my words – but not so much so that I shut down. It’s taught me to listen, more than anything.

Thank You 2020

Thank you 2020 for being a year full of lessons, full of change, full of growth. Thank you that even in a year full of un-forseen circumstances, JOY was had and felt. Connections were made. Important relationships were strengthened.

I choose to be grateful to 2020 and equally trust that 2021 will be just as meaningful. Because I’m choosing to allow it to be.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope it inspires you to take a moment and reflect on your own wins and celebrations from 2020. If you haven’t taken the time to reflect yet, grab a sheet of paper and just start writing. Let it flow. It doesn’t need to be a perfect list. You don’t have to remember everything (I know I didn’t!). Just let it flow and see what comes out of you.

Another fun one: I started a list of 20 wins for 2021 and started jotting down what I want to be able to say this time next year. Like, “I created a podcast!”

Have a beautiful day, a beautiful week, and get ready to join me on the podcast soon! (Taking it a day at a time getting it ready!)

Love, Paige

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