2013 First Place Winner

I bet you’re reading the title wondering what I won!

photo 4

Yesterday after Church, Marco and I went over to his Grandparents house to pick some things up. First thing they said when I walked in was “Wait, Granny Beans, sign the award before she see’s it!” So, Granny Beans signed the it under Tournament Chairman and they awarded me, Paige “Healthy Hits the Spot” Burton the First Annual Avalon Maiden Lane Invitational (I’m out of breathe already!) Miniature Golf Tournament WINNER! Haha! I thought this was so funny!

If you know Marco’s Grandpa, he’s a kick! He’s always making everyone laugh and giving us nicknames. This is so right up his alley- it’s even on nice, thick paper. Let me tell you, this is getting framed right on the wall next to my Diploma 😉


After the Award Ceremony 😉 we came back home and I made us Breakfast. We were both starving! Somehow, I seem to have a bad habit of forgetting to eat before Church! Always happens. It much just be because we are creatures of habit and whenever Sunday comes around I can’t kick it!

Breakfast was Ezekiel Toast and a scramble filled with mushrooms, tomato, and egg. I think I’ll make this again today- it was so good!

photo 1

After breakfast, we went down to the beach for the 2013 Surf Rodeo, a Surf Competition with beer & booths. And may I add babes?

Here are my two beautiful friends. Well, the one on the right is my cousin 🙂 Aub’s & Megan! We were at Social Tap in this picture.

photo 3

Here’s a picture of Aub’s and I walking around 🙂

photo 1

And here’s Marco and I on our way to get us some Taco’s!

photo 4

We each got a grilled fish taco from Snapper Jacks before the pool. We were both starving since it was nearly 3 and we ate breakfast closer to 10.

photo 2

After our Taco’s we went out to the Pool where some of our apartment friends were hanging out. I got some gooood sun!


For dinner, we had stuffed zucchini that Marco’s Grandparents made for us. They made half of it vegetarian for me 🙂 That made me happy!


After dinner, we snuck off to my Mom’s house to invade her cookie jar after hearing that she had just made her famous Oatmeal cookies! I had one at my parents house while chatting with my Dad and Marco….


….and another back home with my feet up, decaf coffee, and Hungry for Change! Let’s consider this today’s Petite Treat!

If you haven’t seen the movie, go watch it! You can stream it from Netflix 🙂


Oh, and before I end, I picked up some Flaxmilk at Whole Foods. Trying to decide if I like it! Since I don’t like real milk, I enjoy switching between all of the different kinds. So far, Almond is still my favorite. Or Soy, but I save that for when I’m out because I know it’s not the best thing for me.

Have you seen Hungry for Change?


Love, Paige

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