2016: A Final Note on Resilience, Trust, and Appreciation

In sharing this post, I’m preparing to slow down for the next couple weeks on the internet front. I’ll be meeting regularly with clients, but taking a short hiatus from the blog and my bi-weekly newsletter so I can enjoy the holidays with my family (you know, being present, without a laptop in front of my face).

A Final Note for 2016 on Resilience, Trust, and Appreciation.


I hope you’re all having a great holiday so far. And if you’re not, hey, that’s okay too. I know the holidays can be a really tough time for some of you. For a lot of you. I understand completely.

Whether you’ve lost someone you love and the holidays just don’t feel the same without them, someone you love is sick, or this time of year just brings up extra anxieties for you, it can be tough.

This time of year can also be super special – for some of you this time of year is your favorite.

No matter where you are, you’ve done an amazing job this year. Look back on all you’ve done. Appreciate your strengths, honor your accomplishments, and give yourself credit for making it through. Focus on what you have taken away from this year.

For example, this year has given me RESILIENCE. This year has taught me I can do hard things.

What can you appreciate from the year? 

This next few weeks for me is pretty full. Marco and I are going to Big Sur this weekend, I’m currently visiting my mom in Ventura, I have a friend coming mid-week next week, and we’ll be back with family for Christmas Eve & Christmas.

I’ll be back to work a bit the following week, and then ready to take on the New Year with my friends. Come January 2nd, I’ll be in Ventura to celebrate mama Dot-Dot (we call her Dot-Dot because my mom’s name is Dottie) and her 63rd birthday. I HAVE NEVER APPRECIATED MY MOM’S BIRTHDAY MORE.

That said, I’m going to take some time to slow down and enjoy the rewards of all my hard work this year. Ah, that feels so good to say. 

This year has been a biggie for me. I remember someone telling me earlier this year “You’re in your 4th year of business! They say, if you can make it through your 4th year of business, you will have made it!”

I’ll be honest, hearing this freaked me out a bit. My third year was amazing. So, what’s going to happen in my 4th year? Is there something I don’t know? 

I’m not 100% sure what this person meant, still… But I will say, that my business, my personal motivation to take care of myself & to make time for myself, my ability to say “YES” and to say “NO” to things – all of these areas have been tested this year & made stronger because of it.

I’ve had to “keep going” even when I didn’t feel like I could. And, I’ve had to slow down and pull back when it was the absolute hardest. I’ve had to put my hands up and surrender and say “I can’t do this all myself.” I’ve had to ask for help.

This year has made me stronger. It’s made me more resilient. It’s shown me that life can be so damn hard, and we can STILL do it. It’s show me that we don’t HAVE TO fall apart when hard things happen. Rather, we can allow the hard things to mold us into stronger versions of who we are.

And girl, it’s OKAY and necessary to take care of yourself. You can learn how to care for yourself amongst the chaos. This is what allows you to keep going. YOU have to be your own best encourager (and sure, it absolutely helps to have other people who will encourage you too!).


This year has taught me, more than anything, to trust. To trust that it’ll all be okay, even when it isn’t – because we’ll always be carried through. 

I’ve had to have TRUST in so many areas this year.

I’ve had to hike my adult pants up a little bit higher by creating boundaries between myself & people I love, and TRUST that this was the best thing to do, even when I didn’t know for sure. I’ve had to be okay with saying “I’m doing enough” even when I’ve felt like I should be doing more. 

You can’t do it all, and neither can I. And sometimes, we just have to trust that we’re doing the best we can. 

I’ve had to trust that God has a plan, even when I’ve felt like I couldn’t see it or understand it. I’ve had to trust that it’ll all make sense one day – it always seems to.

How about you? Has your trust been tested? Have you had to trust that one day, something hard that happened might make sense? (Gosh, I know it’s so hard sometimes to do). Or, trust that maybe it’ll never make sense, but you’ll still be okay anyway?

Have you had to surrender and say “I can’t do this all myself, I need help”? Have you had to set up boundaries this year like I did? Have you had to make time to take care of yourself, even when it felt like there was no time at all?


As I look back on this year, I am so friggin’ proud of myself. I hope you will be proud of yourself too. And if you’re not, I hope you’ll let that go and look straight ahead to how you’d like to be.

I am proud I made it through. I am so proud that I can look back at this year and say “well done.” That I can feel proud that I didn’t crumble. That I had some of the best times through the hardest times – times that were deep and meaningful and enriching.

What can you appreciate from 2016? What hard things did you make it through? What awesome things did you accomplish? What risks did you take? Where were you honest, even when it was extremely hard? What did you let go of that was holding you back?

I hope that as I take some time to slow down and appreciate the year for the rest of this holiday season, you will too. I hope you’ll reflect on the ways you can do that (if you want to).

A few things I’m reflecting on to help me be intentional with this time:

  • How do I want to spend the rest of this year?
  • How do I want to feel?
  • Who do I want to be with?
  • Where do I want to be?
  • What do I want to do?

Be proud of yourself, and give yourself credit.

Other Things:

  1. I just recorded a Podcast with my friends Amy & Asia on “Humble Beginnings.” Aka, the beginnings of each of our businesses. It was SO fun to do. Such an inspiring conversation. You can listen to the Podcast episode here if you’re in for inspiring female biz chat.
  2. Authentically You will be opening for enrollment for the third time (wahoo! I can’t believe how fast she’s growing up!) the first week of January. If you’d like to get on the waitlist, do so here & read ALL about AY. I’d love to have you in the next round!
  3. I just accepted my last few clients for 2016, and have a few openings in early 2017. If you want to work with me, enter your name & email on this page, I’ll send an email over sharing next steps & a link to book your free consultation in January.

I’m off to enjoy time with mama, then head to Big Sur with Marco for a few days. Sending you love! Oh, and we can still hang out are Snapchat @HealthyHitsSpot & Instagram @healthyhitsthespot. If you’d like, come join me!

I’ll see you all back here in January! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 

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