#Goals: A Deeper Reflection on 2016

Last year, I feel like I was saying “I can’t believe it’s almost 2016!” But this year. Dang. I. CANNOT. BELIEVE. It’s almost 2017.

This year has been one of the most challenging years I’ve ever experienced. And what intrigues me most, is that so many of you have said the same. Yesterday, my friend described 2016 as “the pits.” Yeah. It’s been a tough one for many of us, my friends!

My mom was diagnosed with cancer, and I had to stretch my zones of comfort to set better boundaries with the people I love – which, I’m not naturally good at. Marco and I turned our lives sideways (happily, because we love our Dot – my mom) to be in Ventura part-time since February.

Goals: A Deeper Reflection on the year and a FREE worksheet to help you reflect on what this year has taught you.

In September, I chose to move down to Ventura for 5 weeks to help take care of my mom. And that came with it’s own set of challenges… Marco and I had to get creative with how we’d get alone time when he was down (hotels were fun!), I had to learn how to be super diligent with the time I had to work, and I had to get super intentional about what self-care looked like when there was literally, no “extra” time in each day after making time for mom, work, and my husband.

However, though this year was full of challenges, this year has grown me in more ways that I could’ve ever imagined. This year has molded me into who am I, more than any year prior. This year has given me more quality time with those I love.

This year has helped me to see my values, what’s important to me, and what life is really about. Slowing down. Being present.

This year cleared the clutter of “junk” in my life. This year sifted through the urgent (you have so much to do!) vs. important (your mom and family need you, and time is precious). This year helped me to slow the heck down, and focus on what matters.

This year helped me to see that what’s always worked (past), will not always work (current). For a time there, I tried for force old routine back into my life because, as life got hard, I wanted routine that made me happy before: wake, quiet time, shower/breakfast/dress, work, etc…

After a while of forcing, I had to let go. The lesson learned was that once I let go of old things and allowed myself to be present in my CURRENT life – do what I needed, one day at a time – I felt happier. Truly grounded and joy-filled. Blessed and thankful. Safe. At home with where I am in life. Full.

As I reflect on the goals I set at the beginning of this year, some were met, some were not. Goals I thought were “big” goals… I now look at am like, Dang, compared to everything that went on this year, that goal was NOT important. But, I didn’t know it at the time.

Other goals that were met I  look at and think… Someone (God) knew I needed that goal more than I knew I needed that goal! For example, focusing on LOVE this year (see this post to read about LOVE as my word in 2016). I read this post now and am like, girl, you had no idea what was coming, but someone was speaking to you!

Last Friday I mentioned that I created a goals series for you. This is the first post of that series, and today our focus is 2016 reflection. On Wednesday, we’ll begin diving in to 2017 and what we want next year to look like. But for now, let’s stay in 2016 – we have so much we can learn here! 

I created a worksheet to help you reflect on 2016 and what this year has taught you. So, download it, print it out, take yourself to a coffee shop, and reflect. If you can, go with a close friend and print a worksheet for each of you. I did this over the weekend, and it was so fun to reflect and process TOGETHER! 

I’ll see you back here Wednesday as we begin thinking about 2017 together!

Leave a comment & tell me what you took away from this!

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