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*3 – 6* You’ve got bigger fish to fry!

You sometimes you stress about food but you also work really hard to refocus your attention to what really matters to you. Good for you!

You’re zeroing in on your food freedom (yay!) — it feels so close, but it’s not quite what you imagined it would be. You’re still thinking about food more than you want to and you want to feel “normal” and calm around food. To think about it less, so you can think about OTHER areas of life that matter to you MORE.

This journey can be HARD. Sometimes you feel like you’re winning, other times you may feel like you’re not quite “getting it.” That’s okay. You’re focused on your growth, you’re headed in the direction of creating food freedom and that’s what matters.

You realize there’s room for improvement but you’re not TOO worried about it. You still have hope that things will get better.

You’re pretty good at giving yourself pep-talks and you’re realizing that being more intentional with your thoughts might benefit you. (It will!)

You’re just not QUITE sure what else you should do.


– being super intentional with your thoughts each day and crowding out any thoughts that are no longer serving you

– building your self-trust and confidence

– give yourself the daily permission in your life (and around food!) that you so desire

– live a life that you feel truly proud of

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