3 Books That Are Rocking My World This Year

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At the start of 2016 I found myself talking with a super close friend who told me that she read 43 book last year. You did not hear that wrong. Yes, 43.

I was so inspired, and immediately asked her how the heck she did it because I’d spent about the last 7 months starring at Self-Compassion (a book that I love) sitting on my nightstand. Loving the book wasn’t the problem, it was finding the time to read it.

This friend told me that she wakes up each day at 5:00 AM to spend about 30 minutes in a book of her choice. And with this (plus some leisure reading on the side), she made the time to read and grow and learn from 43 books.

She found her inspiration from the book Miracle Morning (on my reading list).

I felt so inspired, that I started setting my alarm for 5:00 AM (plus, set it all the way across my bedroom to avoid snoozing – it works!) and read for about an hour (I start with my devotional Jesus Calling and then dive into whatever fun book I’m reading).

Since I starting, I’ve noticed that I also get the urge throughout the day to sit down and continuing reading my book. This has served as a more fulfilling break throughout the day vs. doing 98 more scrolls through Instagram than I need in a day. Checking Instagram once or twice really does suffice for me.

Side note: The photo at the top of this page shows the little reading nook I sit in each morning. I love it! 

I THOUGHT that because I’m in such a nonfiction phase, that reading would feel more like studying for work vs. a break. I tend to lean toward books that move me forward as a coach. The opposite has been true. Reading these nonfiction books has me feeling more encouraged and lighter in my work.

I’m into my 5th book now (the first one, Self-Compassion, I was already halfway through + one was an audio book that I listened to on our last road trip to the snow – so fun to do!), and am finding SO much inspiration.

Today, I wanted to share the top 3 books that are rocking my world right now, because I feel it would be unfair to NOT share them with you.

1. Self-Compassion

2. Daring Greatly

3. Big Magic


In return, I would LOVE to hear other books that you girls have read! I get so many ideas from you. Let’s share with each other – leave a comment to let me know! I’m looking for books that will inspire the socks off me (Big Magic did a great job of this!).

P.S. I’ve pulled my camera back out for the first time this year and will be documenting daily eats for you all day today and tomorrow so I can share them with you Wednesday, per reader request! XO

Love, Paige

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