3 Charmed Days

Hello everyone! The past 3 days, I’ve taken photo’s of what I’ve eaten. Instead of sharing 3 separate days, it’s just worked out that I’m going to share everything tonight. I have an extra 30 minutes before I have to go to bed 😉



Breakfast: organic non-fat plain greek yogurt + goji berries + sunflower seed butter

IMG_3540.JPG IMG_3541.JPG

Packed for lunch: gluten free spinach tortilla wrap w/ tofu, quinoa, romaine lettuce, tomato, roasted red bell pepper spread, and greek yogurt (instead of sour cream) + a side of three layer hummus & organic broccoli


Packed for snacks: trek mix + edamame


Mid-afternoon hunger called for a salad. Wasn’t quite ready for dinner, but wanted to eat before I went to work again for 3 hours


Arugula w/ lentil bruschetta blend + gorgonzola crumbles and cranberry walnut dressing

NOTE: for the lentil bruschetta blend, I take one package of steamed lentils from Trader Joe’s and mix it with one container of the refrigerated bruschetta that they have. Mix together in one big container and store sealed in the fridge. So easy!

photo 2

Dinner(ish) was a tuna sandwich on whole wheat bread. After my Health Coaching Session, I went to my parents house to do laundry. I walked in the house, hungry, to freshly made tuna salad. There you have it. A tuna sandwich craving 🙂 They always add in olives to their tuna, and I love that!

photo 3

While at their house, I opened a package from my dear friend Joanne. She sent me two books in the mail. I can’t wait to finish my current book so I can read them 🙂

photo 4

And for the Monday Petite Treat, a tiny bowl of dark chocolate chips


5:30 GYM


Breakfast: oatmeal made with almond milk + half a banana, topped with coconut, chia seeds, raisins, sunflower butter, and a sprinkle of organic granola

IMG_3554.JPG IMG_3550.JPG

Packed for a 12 hour work day: same lunch as Monday (gluten free spinach tortilla wrap w/ tofu, quinoa, romaine lettuce, tomato, roasted red bell pepper spread, and greek yogurt (instead of sour cream) + a side of three layer hummus & organic broccoli) + lentils and bruschetta, a side salad with pine nuts & gorgonzola, a piece of ezekiel toast (didn’t eat), trek mix, an apple + sun butter, and a Coco Cafe Latte

photo 1

Snack: veggies sticks w/ little guy Luciano

photo 2

Dinner: I went out to a late dinner with my brother, basically-sis-n-law, and Mom. We probably ate around 8:30… I never eat dinner that late… anyways, we went to Spencer McKenzies. Always good!

We shared chips and salsa

photo 3

I had one Ahi Pocket

photo 4

And one fish taco

So good! And so fun spending time with my brother. I’ve only seen him once since I moved out!


This morning was the same as yesterday. A 5:30 morning GYM Session. It has been feeling so good to wake up and go straight to the Gym. I am not sure why, but waking up at 5 is easier than waking up at 6. Waking up at 4:30… hard… 5…. easy… 6… hard, again. Must be in a light sleep cycle at that time 🙂


After the Gym, I randomly started craving the leftover Ahi Pocket from dinner the night before, so I ate that


Then, I was still craving eggs, so I had a slice of toasted ezekiel with egg whites


A couple hours later while babysitting, I shared this Peanut Butter Cookie Luna Bar with a little one

When I got off, I went to the pool and got some sunshine 🙂


For lunch, I was craving three things: a PB&J, a PB&Honey w/ banana, and a green smoothie… So… I had them all! I made a PB&J&Honey w/ banana and a green smoothie + a small apple on the side

IMG_3563.JPG IMG_3564.JPG

On my way to my next job, I drank more green smoothie so I’d be full until dinner


Dinner was DELICIOUS. Oh my gosh… A reminder why salads are a favorite food of mine

My salad had:

  • spring mix
  • arugula
  • romaine
  • broccoli
  • beets
  • asparagus
  • garbanzo beans
  • lentils + bruschetta
  • a little sprinkle of gorgonzola
  • pine nuts
  • peach/rosemary dressing

Yes. Heaven!


My Petite Treat tonight was a square of Dark Chocolate


A couple hours after dinner, while babysitting, I got hungry. So, I shared another bar with a little one 🙂

Now, I am off to bed! Waking up at 5 for the Gym

My mornings have been so good lately. I’m in such a good routine

  • alarm 5am
  • make coffee/get dressed
  • at the Gym around 5:30
  • workout about an hour
  • back home around 6:45
  • early morning journal pages
  • devotionals
  • breakfast
  • and then the rest of the day follows…

I am living the Charmed Life in the mornings 🙂 Really, Victoria Moran (gives talks about creating a “Charmed Life”) suggests that the mornings are “ME” time. Meditation + Exercise.

Do you have ME time in the morning? What do you do?


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