3 Days Daily Eats ♡


5:45 morning walk with Aubs!


7:00 eggs & toast


For the whole day I took 2 green smoothies and some overflow to drink on the way to work and some brown rice with broccoli and avo to have for lunch. I also ended up eating a small pack of almonds before I was off work 🙂


One of the Green Smoothies was my recipe, and the second one was from Simple Green Smoothies.


1.5 cups of spinach

.5 cup of cilantro

2 cups of water

3 bananas (I just used 1 large banana instead – 3 sounded a little intense to me)

1 peeled lime

1 inch ginger

Yum! I loved this one. Thank you Jade for sharing it with me!


After work I went to the Gym with Marco for a quick weight lifting routine

We had a late dinner around 7:30 of tofu, black bean stir fry. Yummy!

Bed at 9:00 🙂


6:45 woke up and had some Coffee and Wedding Planned 🙂 I love doing this with my Saturday mornings!

photo 1

9:30 my friend Aubrey took me out to breakfast!

photo 2

I got a blueberry corn muffin (my favorite) and split an egg white frittata with Aubrey – no cheese and pesto on the side. The pesto was homemade and so good! I ate about 1/2-2/3 of my muffin with coffee 🙂

photo 3 photo 4

After breakfast we went to the Farmers Market


Around 4:30 I had a bowl of cereal with homemade almond milk and strawberries. This is exactly what I wanted and was sooo good!

At 5:00 Marco and I went to the Gym and I worked out my upper body and went on the stairmaster – that thing is killer!


For dinner, I had a very specific craving. Nacho’s.

When I was younger I would have eaten super salty chips with tons of cheese and something like taco bell hot sauce.

Now, I used organic blue corn tortilla chips, jalepenos, beans, organic sprouted tofu with taco seasonings from a local spice shop, a little bit of full fat cheese, avocado from the farmers market, homemade salsa, and organic cilantro. Much, much better! Plus, unlike my childhood nachos, these actually fill you up and you only need one plate instead of 3 😉


For dessert, Green Smoothie with ice cubes while attempting to watch a movie. Marco and I turned on The Call and about 3 minutes into it I was covering my head with a blanket. NO THANK YOU. Have any of you seen it? I hate scary movies, and that one felt too real.

9:00 sleep


6:45 woke up and cozied around the house in my PJ’s with Coffee (I love Sunday mornings)


8:30 banana

9:00 Church

photo 5

11:00 Panera Bread with the family for Sunday Brunch. Soy latte and Oatmeal 🙂

photo 1

12:00 we took my little cousin Bella to a Birthday Party because her Mommy and Daddy were sick. We had so much fun with her. She was so excited!

photo 2

At the Birthday Party they served Pizza Hut and fruit. I got a plate with one slice of pizza (which smelled really good) and fruit. I took one bite of the pizza and realized I didn’t care much for it, so I gave it to Marco and saved my appetite for what I really wanted at home.


A turkey sandwich toasted and open faced with pickles! When I made this, I realized I needed to use the butter leaf lettuce in my fridge so I also made a super simple salad. I took one bite and realized I didn’t want to salad, so I just enjoyed the pickle and sandwich 🙂

After this little lunch, Marco and I relaxed for a bit, and then went to my parents house to wash our cars and do laundry. Ahhhh I love when my car is so clean!

photo 3

My Dad offered to make dinner, so we gladly took up the offer! Tri-tip, sourdough toast, curried vegetables, and salad with homemade bleu cheese dressing – yes please!

photo 4

For dessert I had a small slice of my moms home made oatmeal, agave, zucchini bread with decaf 🙂

Such a satisfying dinner!

Now it’s Monday, and I am at home in my PJ’s freaking out every 30 minutes thinking I have to be at work. Truth is, I don’t have to work! Woohoo! Love Holidays 🙂

I hope you all enjoy your day!

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