3 Days Until We Wed

Good morning all!

I’m taking a moment to sit down and write you a note to say hello 🙂

It’s now Tuesday — 3 days until the Wedding. Now is the point where out of town guest start rolling in, we start packing for our Honeymoon, and I start deep cleaning the house so it’s super FRESH when we come back home 🙂

At 10:00 today I am going to get my hair done. Ah, fresh blonde. Nothings better for this head of hair! After that, Marco and I are going to pick up his Tux, hit the Gym, pick up dinner (Urbane Cafe tonight), come home, pack for the Honeymoon/Wedding night, and finish cleaning the house (honestly — this was the plan, but I’m already almost done, haha!).

We’re getting excited you guys! The Wedding isn’t for 3 days, but it truly feels like it’s already started. This is such a fun time!

I’m sending you all my love, thank you for following along during our special time 🙂 Again, make sure you’re following on instagram for Rehearsal/Wedding/Honeymoon photos when they get here!

To end this post… I figured I’d share a little something I just shared with my cousin (who I believe is drafting her speech right now, hehe).

Here’s our current text conversation:

Holls: tell me your TOP 5 reasons you love Marco or your top most favorite things about him

Me: He’s the best listener, he’s always interested in what’s going on in my life, he’s the best friend anyone could ever have, he’s so faithful, and he pushes himself to be his best every single day. These are all SOLID truths about him – not just sometimes, but ALL of the time. He’s also the best helper, and encourager. If he loves you, HE LOVES YOU and he’d do anything for you.

Holls: I just cried. Those are the best qualities for a husband!!!

Me: I’m being SO honest. He’s really incredible and I feel so lucky – I am so glad we made it. I’m so glad it’s US. And at the same time, I can’t believe it’s us. I always wanted to have feelings for Marco when I was younger but I didn’t think I could because of what close friends we were. Heck, I’d stay at his house when I had other boyfriends because he was my “brother.” But now I can’t (and wouldn’t want to) imagine it any other way. Can you believe it Holl’s? It’s so crazy! 😀

On that note, enjoy your day! I’ll go off enjoying mine continuing to be FRIGGIN’ GRATEFUL that I’m going to marry my best friend 3 days from now. As cheesy as it sounds, it feels like a fairy tale… but really… I know this was exactly the way it was meant to be 🙂

Thanks be to Jesus for planning this behind my back all of these years 😉


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Love, Paige

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