Daily Eats + Total Baking [Chicken] Fail


Today I am sharing my third day of eats with you from my #31DaysofEats Challenge. If you’d like to share your eats along with me post them on Instagram (in your feed or story) and use the hashtag above.

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I’m doing this challenge for myself in a simple effort to share more daily intuitive/non-diet eats with all of you. These post are my *most* requested and the *most* missed when I don’t share them.

Before we dive in, I want to remind us all that these posts are not for comparison. Rather, these posts are here to provide you with inspiration for food ideas and to give YOU the freedom and permission to listen to YOUR BODY as I listen to mine, apart from food rules or dieting.

Thank you so much for being here and I hope you enjoy! Leave a comment when you finish reading!

Day Three

Yesterday morning started with quiet time, writing this post to all of you, and working until about 9:00 AM when I took a break to have breakfast with M. We had two scrambled eggs (in the scramble: a little olive oil, sea-salt, pepper and oregano) each with sourdough toast. Mmm!

After breakfast I put on real clothes and snapped a photo. I’m going on three days strong of putting on real clothes each day and it feels great! I don’t do my hair or makeup – just having clothes on is enough to make me feel happy and more productive.

After I got dressed I sat down and got started with clients for the day. I made my chicken tea, which I am now not so embarrassed about because a few of you have tried it and love it too (wahoo!). I loved this yogi tag so much I had to snap a photo of it for you all.

I talked about this in a client session yesterday. That when we’re nice it’s incredible how the mood of the people around us can shift. You can be that person that helps someone else have a better day, today.

Mid-day I stopped for a lunch break. I had butternut squash soup (TJ’s, boxed) sprinkled with “Everything but the Bagel” seasoning, with leftover pizza. Those potato’s are Marcos and are leftover from the weekend (it’s a little bit of a potato skin and chili together – so good!).

Here’s an unscathed photo of the pizza so you can see it without the burn. I shared the toppings and what I used to make the pizza in this post.

After lunch Marco and I went to the Humane Society. He wanted to take me to visit the cats and doggies. I haven’t gotten out of the house much this week, which I’ve totally loved! I’ve been sick, but am mostly better. It was fun to see them… I think he’s trying to break me back in with dogs.

I have always loved dogs but back in October I saw a friend get bit pretty horribly by one (27 stitches later) and I’m a little traumatized. I feel overly cautious now, which I hate, because I feel like they can sense my fear. I’m sure they can, right!? That freaks me out. Calm, Paige. Callllmmmmm… I’m tryin! Seriously.

When we got home (we just went for a quick 30 min or so) I got back to work and met with more clients until about 6:00 PM when I got off. I was so hungry by this point so while I put dinner in the oven I had leftover butternut squash soup from lunch.

Baking was a bad idea. A very bad idea. I do not like baked chicken, I’ve decided. Chicken, rice, and broccoli with tons of avo and tamari is one of mine and Marcos favorite meals. It’s easy and always so tasty. However, I usually cook the chicken on the stove with olive oil and garlic.

This time, I figured I’d bake it so it’d be easier (plus, I was baking from frozen and they were giant chicken breasts). No bueno. Dislike. Next time I’ll definitely be letting the chicken thaw a bit on it’s own and then sauté it like normal.

A note on 2018…

I know it’s only been a few days, but I’m loving 2018 so much. I think it may be due to the massive amounts of alone time I’ve had this week (introvert, anyone?) but I feel so energized, so happy and so… good this week. Has anyone else experienced feeling encouraged this week?

I am also really having fun sharing these daily eats with you all. It makes me feel like my old self, when I first started blogging back in 2011 all the way through 2014, when I’d share eats most days with you all. It’s really fun for me to come here and reflect on the previous day (sort of what I do in my journal too!).

Other things that are probably contributing to my joy: sleeping a lot, having quiet time each morning, getting dressed for the day, leaving work in my office when I shut off at 6:00 PM, really really enjoying my 1:1 clients, and just feeling in a really solid flow/routine (I love me some consistency/flow).

Share with me…

Leave a comment and share with me, what’s one thing you’re doing right now that’s bringing you joy? Encouraging you? Making you feel excited about the future?

Thank you for being here! See you again tomorrow. Oh, and if you’re not already, come hang with me on Instagram – @paigeschmidt.

Love, Paige

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