Three Days of Weekend Eats + an Email Disaster


Today I am sharing days 5-7 with you from my January #31DaysofEats Challenge. If you’d like to share your eats along with me post them on Instagram (in your feed or story) and use the hashtag above. Make sure to tag @paigeschmidt so I can see/share your post and regram it in my story!

I’m doing this challenge for myself in a simple effort to share more daily intuitive/non-diet eats with all of you. These post are my *most* requested and the *most* missed when I don’t share them.

Before we dive in, I want to remind us all that these posts are not for comparison. Rather, these posts are here to provide you with inspiration for food ideas and to give YOU the freedom and permission to listen to YOUR BODY as I listen to mine, apart from food rules or dieting.

Thank you so much for being here and I hope you enjoy! Leave a comment when you finish reading!

Day Five

Friday started off with quiet time and early morning work, blogging to all of you. Y’all, I am so glad I was able to share five days of posts with you last week! Did you see them? If not, just head to the blog here when you’re done reading this post.

While I was working, my cousin Holly sent me a text letting me know they’d be coming through SLO and wanted to get breakfast with me. Yeah! Every single one of us were getting over being sick (it’s going around so bad!) so it was nice to be together all feeling mostly better!

We went the The Apple Farm for breakfast (remember when Marco and I used to stay at this place when he was going through the interview process to get hired up here?).

I ordered eggs and bacon with potatoes and a scone. I nibbled on about a third of the scone with coffee before I set it to the side to enjoy my meal. So yum!

I was successful at getting dressed in real clothes again, too. If you can tell, my favorite outfit is sweater, boots and jeans right now. Always when it’s chilly! This is a California “winter” outfit. Ha!

After breakfast I went to Scout coffee to meet my friend Brittany for tea. It was lovely, and by the time we were done I was really sleepy. It was probably the longest I’d been out of the house this week since I caught a cold.

I came home, straightened up a little bit, and then got back to work. I sat at my computer working from about noon to 6:00 PM. I hopped into my email system only to find that much of it had not been working.

Here’s what was happening:

Scenario: Let’s say a year ago you were like “Hmm, I’m sorta interested in working with Paige. Let me put my name and email on this page, like she tells us to.”

It was your first time entering your info on that page, so an email sends. Wahoo! You do nothing with that email. You don’t book your Discovery Call because, well… you’re just not ready. 

Time passes and all of the sudden you’re like “I’m SO done trying to do this all on my own. I am READY for coaching. Let me reach out to Paige again.” You go to the form or you get an email from me and you click to get more info. You land on a page that says “You’ll hear from me in 10 min!”

An email is supposed to send to you, which I have so carefully laid out with all of the details that you need…

And crickets…

You never hear from me…

And I never know about it…

Sad sad sad missed opportunities. An online business owner disaster because this wasn’t like… a couple weeks of missed opportunities but a WHOLE SIX-MONTHS. Womp womp womp. 

*If this is you* and you would like to get more info on 1:1 coaching, please email me and let me know (my email is Let me know this happened to you (perhaps multiple times) and let’s get connected. I’d love to offer you a free Discovery Session so that we can finally connect. 

I’ll be changing the way I connect with those of you who would like coaching, this week. So there will be no more errors. And when you want more info you and I will be put in touch.

All that said, I was glued to my computer until 6:00 PM and forgot to eat lunch. Thankfully, breakfast held me over so I wasn’t hungry. But when I was finally off I sat down to a few of these crackers and hummus before I made dinner.

Dinner was simple leftover pasta: brown rice noodles, tomato basil marinara, ground turkey, broccoli and goat cheese (for me, regular cheese for Marco).

Day Six

Saturday morning was lovely. I woke up, made coffee, cozied up on the couch and read blogs for about an hour. Blog posts I really loved (they’re around career): this one by Blair Badenhop and this one on Create & Cultivate. What blogs have you been loving?

When I was done reading blogs I made myself breakfast: soyrizo tacos with egg, cilantro, salsa verde and green onion. Simple and delicious!

After breakfast I got to CLEANING. If you saw my Instagram, you saw my little house tour! It’s still posted in my profile under “highlights” if you want to see it – @paigeschmidt.

I took a lunch break and warmed up the last of the leftover pasta from the night before. Easy-peezy!

It felt SO good to clean. I did a once-over quick pick up and then started, mostly one room at a time, from top to bottom. I basically vacuumed my walls (ha!). Here’s our Kitchen. Who can find the Coors Light? Marco said he’s allowed to decorate too.

My office bookshelf (and mama Dot-Dot inspiring me everyday down there!).

Another little bookshelf (again with the sweet mama Dot!)

My desk and where I meet with my clients (on the phone).

Ah, it felt SO good to finish cleaning. I opened all of the windows, turned on the lights, lit candles and gave Marco a grand tour when he got home (I get a little proud of cleaning skills – ha!).

As I was waiting for him to get home though… this happened. One of you messaged me on Instagram, where I’d posted a photo of my soyrizo breakfast and said “tomorrow I’m making soyrizo and potato breakfast burritos.”

STRAIGHT MOUTH DROOL. I, no joke, got in my car and went to the store to pick up potatoes, a green bell pepper and tortillas. I had everything else and I was making this happen tonight. So, breakfast burritos for dinner it was! See what you gals do to me?

Day Seven

Sunday started off with coffee at Black Horse with my friend Asia. For breakfast I had a GoMacro bar with my coffee. After our little coffee chat we headed up the hill to Church.

Annnnnd I had another day of getting dressed. Wahoo! Again with the boots and jeans and sweater.

After Church I came home and made a soyrizo breakfast burrito for lunch and then relaxed. I did a little bit of laundry, read more blogs and just lounged. I caught up on the latest episode of The Bachelor, painted my nails, did a face mask… it was lovely!

Mid-afternoon I got really hungry and made a snack with what I could find in the house (it’s grocery shopping time). I mixed a big spoonful of hummus and half an avocado with tuna and had it with crackers, tomato and goat cheese. I actually ate the tomato and goat cheese on it’s own and had the crackers and tuna together. This was YUMMY and will be my new favorite way to make tuna!

For dinner sweet Marco brought home PIZZA from Blaze after a 12 hour workday. This dude waited in line for an hour for this #majorpoints. I got mine on a GF crust (like how crispy and thin it is) with goat cheese, arugula, pesto, red bell pepper and artichoke hearts. YES and AMEN.

And this will be Marco’s most proud-of-me-moment on the blog: I had a Coors Light on the side. never feel like beer (ha!) but last night it sounded so good. And it WAS! What can I say my husband has good taste 😉

AHHHH, so now it’s Monday and it’s back to work, which I am not sad about. I am thankful for a job that I get excited for. I love showing up here for all of you, I am excited to talk with clients and a few new clients this week in their Discovery Sessions (two spaces open for Feb!).

Again, if you’ve tried to get more info on working with me and it just wouldn’t work just email me personally and I’ll give you the info you need and then, if you’d like to book a Discovery Session you can. I’m happy to send you the info. My email is

Thank you for being here! Leave a comment below! I’d love to hear from you. Did my email system disaster effect you? What’d you do this weekend? What blogs are you loving right now?

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