4 Days Of What I Ate In One Post (Weekly Eats)

Top five mindset shifts to become an intuitive eater

Good morning! First of all, “The 5 Most Important Mindset Shifts To Becoming An Intuitive Eater” went out today in my VIP list. You can still grab it here.

So, all week I’ve been sharing articles on the blog: The Things I Did NOT Resolve To Do in 2014, Copy My 2015 New Years Intentions, and Exactly How I Stay Healthy.

Today, I wanted to share my daily eats with you “Weekly Eats” style. So, here it goes!


eggs and toast

Breakfast: two scrambled eggs & sourdough toast.

wild rice and chicken soup crockpot style

Lunch: the last of my chicken and wild rice soup (it froze/reheated great)

homemade fudge

After Lunch: a piece of my auntie’s homemade fudge

siggis strawberry yogurt

Afternoon Snack: Siggi’s Strawberry Yogurt

chocolate truffle

Afternoon Suga: a truffle from my Christmas chocolates

turkey and cheese panini with cheese

Dinner: a turkey, dijon, and cheese panini with a big salad (pears, homemade balsamic, goat cheese)

chocolate truffle

Petite Treat: another truffle.

IE tip: eating little bits of a wanted sweet through the day can prevent the restricting and bingeing mentality (trying really hard not to have it and then bingeing on it all at once). Plus, placing sugar after meals is also helpful.

I ended the night at the Gym for upper body & cardio. Marco is working late this week, so I’ve switched my schedule around. I’m so thankful I can do that!


coffee in yellow happy cup

My morning started of with coffee in my new adorable mug that my auntie bought me. Ah, I love it! Pier One!

eggs and corn tortillas with salsa

Breakfast: two eggs and three corn tortillas with homemade salsa.

lemon water

All day: fresh, ice cold lemon water. Mmm!

panini with salad with pears goat cheese and balsamic

Lunch: a big salad with feta, pears, and balsamic + a turkey, dijon, and cheese panini. I didn’t end up eating the chocolate as I felt satisfied enough from my food.

you are here wisconsin starbucks mug

Mid-day I walked to the post office to find another gift from a Client. A Wisconsin mug! I love it! I used it this (Wednesday) morning.

strawberry siggis yogurt from target

Afternoon Snack: Siggi’s Strawberry Yogurt.

vegetarian tofu tacos

Dinner was three corn tortillas filled with tofu (seasoned with soy sauce), black beans, and sautéed (in olive oil) bell peppers, onions, and tons of fresh garlic. This was such a winner! Oh, and a little feta & green salsa on top!

I ended the night at the Gym for legs & cardio.


eggs and toast

Breakfast: two eggs and one slice of sourdough with coffee.

yes please by amy poehler

New book! Has anyone else read Yes Please? I read the sample on iTunes and then went to B&N to buy it in hardcopy.

I’m excited to have a fun book to read!

tofu bowl made at home healthy

Lunch: brown rice, black beans, tofu, and veggies (from the night before) in a bowl with salsa on top. Mmm!

simple open faced sandwich made at home

Afternoon Snack: open faced turkey sandwich with two slices of turkey and one slice Ezekiel

homemade fudge

Afternoon Sweet: a piece of Aunties fudge (just two left!)

tofu bowl made at home

Dinner: a repeat of lunch (the last of it)


January 1, 2015!

eggs and toast with coffee

Breakfast: woke up with my happy cup & coffee in bed then followed with eggs & Ezekiel toast.

panini with salad and chips

Lunch: Urbane Cafe made at home 😉 Turkey, cheese, and mayo panini with a side salad of “Power to the Greens” Blend, feta, mandarin oranges, and balsamic. Plus, a few simple S&P potato chips on the side.

brown rice bowl with chicken and veggies made at home

Dinner: SO yummy. Stir-fry with chicken, veggies, and brown rice.


Petite Treat: piece of aunties fudge (one left!)

And now, fam is coming to visit 🙂

Can’t wait until the ladies get here!

Happy Birthday Mom!

xo, your coach

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