4 Days Until We Wed

Good morning you beautiful faces!

Wow, I’m feeling so relaxed from having time off. It’s truly been such a blessing.

It’s is officially the week of our Wedding. This has been the greatest engagement I could have ever hoped for. I’m sitting here in my office this morning… the house is quiet, Marco is sleeping, and I’m sipping on my coffee and blogging. I’m feeling so calm, full, and blessed. 

For those of you that are reading this and don’t know our story, Marco and I became best friends at 13. I had many best girl friends throughout that time as well, but he was my one best guy friend. He was always the guy who looked our for me. I remember being in those younger years (around 16/17) wishing that Marco and I could be something, wishing that we could have feelings for each other. At that time, we were on such a “friend” level that I never saw that to be possible. Heck, I called him my “brother.” I remember having a conversation with him one day (he doesn’t remember this)… we were outside of my house sitting on the sidewalk leaning our backs up against a brick wall… I said to him “If I could push a button and have anything I wanted happen between us I would have major feelings for you.” Haha!

Another time, when we were 17, we were playing a terrible board game… but come on… we were 17 (and we all bought this board at Toys R’ Us!). We were playing with an Ouija board. There was a huge group of our friends in my living room. By the end of the night it was just Marco and I on the board and everyone was watching it and asking questions for us. Of course, all of our friends asked the board if when we were going to get married. It was “23.” They also asked it when we would have kids, and it said 24. Here’s where we can change the direction of that board 😉 Haha! Too soon for us!

I could say “another time” over and over and over here this morning as I’m reminiscing through our memories… Like… that time we went to Senior Ball together… or that time we drove as a group to Santa Monica and Marco and James were singing Kelly Clarkson in the back of my bright Green VW Bug (they were being so funny that night)… or that year that neither of us had Valentines so we went to the beach in his Ford Ranger and talked forever… or the many many many movie/sleepover nights we had (and yes, they were innocent!).

Ah… this is not happening for real! But it IS. This is the craziest thing… In 2012… On June 6th I called Marco after us not talking for six-months… I called him from a blocked number because he had been ignoring me (like best friends, we’d fight too)… He answered the phone and to my surprise was so glad to hear from me. He said he’s been thinking about me like crazy and wanting to call me for 3 weeks. From that day forward we have been inseparable. We’ve stayed best friends throughout this entire time, too… We go through all of the normal ups and downs of life together, work through them, have fun, adventure, travel, support each other, we’ve become one anothers family, we moved in together, do life together… everything… And now to add to the story, Friday we’re getting Married.

Life partners. And there is not another person on this planet I’d rather do the rest of life with. Life will be fun, and it will be messy. We all know life is easy when it’s fun… but when it’s messy, Marco is the one I want to go through messes with… He balances my personality so well when I’m upset… he’s reasonable… he’s calming… he’s encouraging… he helps me with perspective… and I’m the same balance for him.

This has not been about food at all, has it? That’s okay, right? 🙂

For the entire two weeks before the wedding my goals was to soak up every last moment and enjoy it!

Want to know what our week looks like as the Wedding approaches? Here, let me show you!


Day off together. Setting up a ride for Friday night (Marco’s task). Picking up our friends little boy to get him out of his house for an hour or two (she just had surgery), going to the Gym together, eating out or at home — whatever sounds more fun/relaxing when the time comes.


Getting my hair done, picking up Marco’s Tux, packing for the Wedding night and Honeymoon.


Out of town guests come in, taking our rings to get steam cleaned, getting my car all washed and ready for travel, having a picnic with his family in Ojai and watching Marco’s little cousins concert.


Rehearsal Day! Getting my nails done with my girls in the morning, viewing the Wedding flowers, Rehearsal, Rehearsal Dinner!


Wedding Day! Marco and I are going to spend the early part of the day together (goal: to extend the day!), we’re going to have breakfast, drop off our packed car at the hotel so we can drive it the next morning, and then at 11:00 we will separate. I’m going to get coffee with my girls and then head to the Venue to get ready! Marco will be here at our apartment with all of his guys eating Corrales and getting ready 🙂 Then it’s Wedding time PARTY TIME!


The morning after we’re going to wake up Married 😀 and head over to my parents house for a breakfast with the family before we leave for our Honeymoon!

Make sure you’re following on Insta for photos! Oh, and the hashtag you all can follow is #marcopaigewedding

Here’s a couple of foodie photos from the weekend to end the post 🙂

yogurt with almond butter

0% Plain Greek Yogurt, Organic Blueberries, t. Agave, Granola, T. Almond Butter — mix all together, ENJOY!

egg and spinach sandwich

Ezekiel Bread Toasted, 2 Eggs, Spinach — toast your bread, coat with butter, cook eggs flat with spinach, slice the eggs into 4 pieces and layer into the toast for the pretty look. ENJOY!

Alrighty everyone! I hope you all have an amazing Monday! I’ll be back here tomorrow 🙂 This week will be more Wedding focused than food focused… which I think you can all enjoy 🙂


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Love, Paige

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