Our 4th of July Weekend

This weekend has been insanely fun. Marco and I have been back in San Luis Obispo for a little over a week, which is the longest time we’ve been home since February. It’s felt so fun to be in SLO with our friends!

Saturday, mine and Asia’s friend Amy came to visit from Boston. Since Amy’s arrival, it’s been back to back go-go-go for us girls. We went to Novo on Saturday night for dinner (all the appetizers and salmon bisque), and on Sunday we started with coffee at Scout & Church, brunch at the Cliffs, and then a Blues game (the SLO summer league team) with fireworks to end the night.

Monday we got coffee & breakfast burrito bowls (yes, that’s a thing here!) at Gus’s, shopped, and went to a party at our friend Morgan’s house in Shell Beach – so fun! Tuesday, we woke up, had some biz time (worked together from a coffee shop), hit Novo again for dinner, jacuzzied in the evening, and watched a late movie. Waking up this morning felt like I had just got home from a week long trip.

This morning is Amy’s last day with us, and we’re having biz time at Bello Mundo as I write… Ah, I’m going to miss her!

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Today, I want to share photos & this video from the 4th of July. Asia brought her camera and captured so many good moments (see more of Asia here on her website!), and I am so happy ’bout it. Enjoy this video!

Fourth of July 2016

How special is this? I love it – makes my heart very full & happy. Can I just take a moment to say how truly thankful I am for these friends? Remember when I talked about how hard it was to not have friends in a new place (honestly, it got even harder after that post)? Prayers answered.

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This 4th of July was definitely one that I’ll remember. A time spent with friends I’ve known for a while (about a year!) and others who I’d never met before.

We made burgers, drank La Croix, or La Fizz as I called it, watched fireworks, and made S’mores. Though, if you know me, you know I had fun making them and passed them off to Marco. S’mores aren’t my jam – Hershey’s. No. 

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Hello from Marco and I, and Marco of course has only Coors Light/CL Smoothies/God’s Water in hand. He’s faithful.

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Elizabeth (my incredible client who just moved to SLO on Sunday and is starting her own coaching business!) and I. I am so excited to have E in SLO. She will literally be living in the house behind me, and I cant wait for us to continue our sessions in person. So proud of this girl!

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Myself, Asia, and Amy! What incredible, kind, smart, entrepreneurial women. I love these two, and cannot wait for us to build a work-from-home-biz-time-entreprenurial-empire here. Yes. Please? Everyone comment and tell Amy she needs to move here next. Oh, also, you can find Amy on YouTube!

Thank you for being here with me and sharing in these fourth of July photos. They make me so happy, and I hope they made you smile as well. Mushy moment: this video made my mama very happy, which y’all know… made me VERY happy. 

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