5 Minute Thai Dinner

Yes, that is right, it say 5 MINUTES.

Yes, it was absofrigginlutely delicious!


First of all, I thought Curry was indian? When I first wrote the title for this post, I wrote “5 Minute Indian Dinner”

Clearly after giving it some thought looking at the container, this was not an Indian Dinner.


Here is the simplicity of this dinner:

  • heat up 1 bag of rice medley for 3 minutes in the microwave


  • heat up the container of Vegetable Curry on the stovetop for 3-5 minutes, and add some broccoli for an extra nutrient dense dinner (I’m starting to sound silly!!)


  • cut up 1/3 avocado into slices to place on top of rice
  • put 1/2 the packet of rice into bowl


  • pour half of the curry on top of the rice & avocado


  • take a minute, savor the smell, and enjoy!


Seriously- I am not joking here. You all had better listen! Getcher booties to Trader Joe’s and try this. You better believe I am having the rest for lunch tomorrow! 😀


Here is what my bite looked like… ahh! So good! Plus, my body feels really good and energized/healthy after eating it. I don’t know how to explain how I feel other than just plain good!

The sweetness of the coconut cream in the curry, mixed with the soft avocado and soft but grainy rice was absolutely perfect.


And to join me, NOAH! He feels like being black & white tonight (or the picture was just too dark!! ;))


And for dessert snacking while cooking, I had half a chocolate chip brownie ZBar

This was super yummy, but I guarantee you if I would have waited until after dinner I wouldn’t have needed anything else. Dinner was so satisfying! I can’t wait for more tomorrow!

Do you have any “quick-fix” dinners that you just love?

Love, Paige

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