5 MORE Days of Eats

You guys loved the 5 days of eats post so much last week, that I had to do another one! Thank you for all of your sweet comments, I love hearing from you girls!

Before we dive into to this massive daily eats post, I want to remind us that the purpose of sharing these posts is not for you to compare your eats to mine.

Rather, I do these posts to 1) encourage you to know that it is possible for you to listen to your body, forgo all forms of dieting, and feel great in your own skin and 2) show you that I walk my talk. My hope is for you to feel more freedom in your life because of these posts.

Day 1

Eggs, chicken sausage, avocado, and coffee

Breakfast – two eggs scrambled with milk, olive oil, sea-salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning, two chicken sausage links, and half an avocado + coffee on the side (always!).

go macro bar

Mid-morning snack – peanut butter chocolate chip GoMacro bar


Lunch – three tacos with corn tortillas, ground beef, cheddar cheese, romaine lettuce, salsa, home-mixed guacamole, and sour cream.

Lamb Vindaloo with pita, hummus, and avocado

Dinner – Lamb Vindaloo (frozen from TJ’s) with pita, avocado, and spicy hummus (this wasn’t my favorite food, but I’ve heard from others that it’s a very loved pre-made dish from TJ’s).

Day 2

Eggs on toast

Breakfast – two eggs on multi-grain toast with Kerrygold butter

Seaweed salad and salmon

Lunch – pesto butter salmon with a side of seaweed salad (both from Costco in the refrigerated pre-made meals section).

Thank you letter

In the middle of this day I organized a huge file of cards I have at home, and on of my favorite parts of this was going through sweet old and new thank you cards from my clients – these are all from the past five years, and I love them so much…!

Thank you card

Seriously, I feel so lucky to have such sweet clients who are so open minded and show up to our sessions willing and eager to talk and work toward their goals together. The amount that my girls value their coaching experience is what allows them to grow so much in our time together (see their stories here).


Mid-afternoon snack – smoothie with berries, PB, yogurt, banana, spinach, and milk.

Salmon and broccoli soup

Dinner – more salmon with a side of broccoli cheddar soup (this is one of the freezable CrockPot meals I’d made a while back with girlfriends and had in the freezer).

Day 3

Eggs and toast

Breakfast – two scrambled eggs over multi-grain toast

Broccoli soup

Mid-morning snack – leftover broccoli cheddar soup

Clam chowder

Lunch – for lunch, I went with Marco and his grandparents to Ventana Grill in Pismo Beach. To start, we all got clam chowder which was SO GOOD (I don’t know if this one was one of those times where I was just SO hungry, or if it truly was the best clam chowder EVER – and the toast, MMM! SO good!).

Grilled fish tacos

And for the entree, I got two grilled fish tacos (ate almost all of this, but was a little full from the soup).

Salad with a mandarinEnchiladas

Dinner – corn and black bean enchiladas with a side salad with balsamic, mandarin oranges, and feta cheese.

Another dinner where we were using up what we had at home and in the freezer. We did that a lot this week, and it felt so great because our fridge and freezer are pretty much empty now! AND all of the food tasted good.

Day 4

Breakfast – GoMacro bar with a cappuccino at Spearhead Coffee in Paso (drove up their and worked with my girlfriends from 6:30 am to noon – got so much done, and was able to take the rest of the day off with Marco).


When I got home from work I had this delllllicious kombucha. Seriously, like one of my favorite ones. It was so great! I bought this the night before as Marco and I were grocery shopping – I thought it would “make my next day better if I could have it when I got home from work.” Totally did 😉

Turkey burger, fries, and olives

Lunch – turkey burgers on gluten free buns (Trader Joe’s) with pepper jack cheese, romaine lettuce, tomato, and a blue cheese dressing instead of mayo. Holy delicious. On the side: olives (because I’m obsessed) and Alexia fries (sweet potato and regular).


Dinner – taco salad with ground chicken, olives, tomato, romaine lettuce, salsa, sour cream, and kidney beans (would have added avocado too, but they weren’t ripe yet). This was so simple and filling – more (pleasantly) filling that I thought it would be.

Day 5

Breakfast tacos

Breakfast – two corn tortillas with egg, cheese, and salsa. So simple!

Turkey burger, fries, and seaweed salad

Lunch – repeat from the night before plus a side of seaweed salad


Mid-day coffee – cappuccino from Ascendo (the new name for “Bello Mundo”). Ah, okay, officially the best coffee in SLO. I decided this day, because my cappuccino was SO good.


Dinner – chili (recipe here on my friends blog) and salad on the side. This night, we threw my friend Mallory a surprise party for her 25th GOLDEN birthday. While we were setting up, I also had a few crackers and cheese, and for dessert, I had a g-free chocolate chip cookie that our friend brought from Batch.


Anddd a small slice of cake to taste from Paper Cake. So delicious! Check out their Instagram @papercakeevents to see how pretty the cakes are!

Ah, I hope you girls found more inspiration within this post, if you did, let me know! What meals will you take away and make yourself at home? Did you get ideas?

Can’t wait to share more goodness with you this week!

Love, Paige

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