5 Tips to Stop Bingeing

5 Tips to Stop Bingeing

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5 Tips to Stop Bingeing

I’m here to talk about how to stop bingeing today in five tips. I’ve made a video for you, which you can watch above. If you’re at work 😉 and cannot play this video, I’m writing out the 5 tips below. I talk more about each tip in the video, so when you can, watch the video too 🙂

5 Tips to Stop Bingeing Today:

  1. You’re only in charge of getting through TODAY. Tomorrow, you can reassess.
  2. You must know that you can have whatever food you’re visualizing/wanting to binge on ANYTIME.
  3. Tell yourself at night (assuming it’s night time) “I can have this food tomorrow morning when I wake up if I would like. All I am in charge of is getting through tonight, and tomorrow I can reassess.” <– 99% of the time you’ll wake up feeling glad that you didn’t overindulge. BUT, if you do want the food in the morning, you MUST honor that.
  4. Remember that you absolutely always wish at the end of a binge that you had not done it (you have to believe this to be a fact).
  5. Give yourself permission to binge if the other tips are not working. Say “okay, Paige, if you really think this is what will help you / be best for you right now, go ahead. Go ahead and binge.” This takes away the urgency / excitement leading up to a binge, which is half of the rush we get from it!

Remember, if you struggle with binge eating, definitely watch the 6 minute Video 🙂 

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