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*6 – 9* Don’t cry over spilled milk

You’ve tried a lot of things and can’t seem to get food off your mind; what to eat, how much per serving, how often to snack.

You’ve lost count of the number of times you’ve tried to make intuitive eating (or some sort of ‘food freedom’ thing) work for you, and you’re ready to finally feel that calm sense of ease you’ve been craving. (This is the story of many women who coach with me.)

With the amount of time and energy you’ve invested in trying to find “food freedom” and “love your body”, you deserve to be feeling so much lighter and calmer already.


You deserve to trust you are making the right decision for you when deciding what to have for dinner, without stressing over whether you’re being 100% ‘intuitive’. To have 100% of your emotional energy available for the things that actually matter to you, like:

  • having fun and being fully engaged when you’re on vacation with your family
  • being focused at work (you like feeling accomplished and productive)
  • looking forward to spending quality time catching up with your girlfriends and feeling present

The last thing you need is another person telling you what you ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ be eating or doing.

What you need is a place you can go when you need a boost of encouragement

– a coach who will guide you toward the place where you feel most aligned with YOUR goals and who *you* want to become via weekly coaching to hold you accountable (more like hold your hand as you grow!). You don’t need more outside information. You need support that will help you uncover what your current blocks are so you can move forward.

– ongoing, gentle support within a community of women who have been where you are now, and are all on their own journey to the version of themselves they want to become. So you know you’re not alone and so you can learn from one another.

– a place where you can work on your goals in a relaxed and intuitive way, and build your self-trust and confidence. A place where you’ll be empowered and equipped to set goals and action steps that you can actually accomplish (because they’ll feel so right you’ll WANT to accomplish them).

As you started practicing intuitive eating and getting the hang of it, you were paying attention to how you wanted to feel and giving yourself unconditional permission to eat. So far, so good.

The thing is… you still found yourself thinking about food just as much.

It’s just that thoughts about ‘dieting’ had switched to thoughts about ‘eating intuitively’.

And questions like ‘how many calories are there in this pizza?’ had switched to ‘what is my fullness level?’ after the first two slices.

You find that your mental space is just as occupied with thoughts about food as it was before.

And you were hoping that intuitive eating would free up some of that space so that you could dedicate more of it to the things you care about.

You want to be someone who just enjoys life.

A happier wife or partner who can be more present and less focused on negative thoughts about herself (like grabbing your stomach in front of your partner – who is so sweet and supportive, but doesn’t really get it – and saying “look at this…”).

A calmer, more engaged mom who doesn’t snap at her family over dishes in the sink.

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Hi, I’m

When I’m not waking before the sun to savor coffee with oat milk creamer, or hanging out with my baby girl Selah and our dog Abby…

I’m guiding my wonderful clients in Aligned Coaching toward their food, body, and whole-life freedom. I’ve been doing this work for 10 years.

As a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, I’ve helped hundreds of women — from all walks of life and every corner of the globe — change their lives in the most powerful way imaginable: by learning to trust and be true to themselves.

If you’ve been feeling like you need some extra support in reaching your current goals — like eating intuitively (getting calm around food) — and would love to feel calm along the way…

*I* am here for you. This is the exact kind of personal support that helped me to ditch diets, restrictive behaviors, and over-thinking about food more than a decade ago.

I couldn’t be more honored and excited to support you and get to know you on a personal level.

The time is now...

To step into the version of 'YOU' you want to become. No more waiting. The support is here, you just have to say "YES!"

What’s the different between women who powerfully step into their food freedom and women who stay on the diet weight-cycling roller coaster?

The decide it’s time to finally put themselves and their own growth first.

Prioritize your self-care and personal growth and get coaching.

You’ll get WEEKLY coaching with me – a Certified Intuitive Eating Coach – current and new courses year-round that will help you develop better body image, clean up your thoughts around food, get calm, and you’ll do it with a community of women all with the same goal: to be the best, most aligned version of themselves.

You CAN have this. It’s one “YES!” and click away. (You can trust me because I’ve been where you are – I’m here grab your hand and pull you up to the same freedom I experience daily.) I really do care about you, and I’m here to make sure you get the results you want.

Join my coaching program, a place of calm where you’ll let go of your food and body anxieties and grow into the version of ‘you’ you want to become.