Anxiety Around Food

Today I want to talk about // Food Anxiety //


As we were heading for Vegas I felt the urge to snack before leaving the house. I wasn’t hungry, I got this urge right after breakfast. I felt like there wasn’t going to be food available for a while, and that made me anxious. Once we got in the car I felt fine and calm because I knew we’d be able to stop if any of us got hungry.

I was able to connect this to when I used to work in retail and babysit out of my home for hours on end. I was always away from the house and I used to snack constantly. It’s like I was trying to avoid being stuck with the feeling of being hungry. A feeling I used to hate.

Now I like the feeling of hunger, and I look forward to it. Of course, I don’t like it to last too long because then I am uncomfortable, but I don’t mind it when it comes and is satisfied within the hour.


The good news here is that you don’t have to wait for your life situation to change. You don’t have to wait until you’re working at home to stop this pattern of overrating because you’re afraid of hunger. All you need to do is identify this fear and respond to it the next time it happens. *Reacting* by eating may be what you’re used to. *Responding* by recognizing the situation means looking at it, taking a break, and accepting the truth that we live in pretty privileged times. Most of us can get to food when we need it. We need to CALM ourselves down. We often get way to hyper around food.

What do you think? Can you relate to this?

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