Food & Fair!

Good evening everyone! Today has been such a fun filled day! This morning I woke up super early, had all my alone time, made my breakfast, and around 9am I started ‘work.’ It is my job, but I can hardly call it work because I love it so much! Especially on days like these. Fair ALL day!

Here is Griffin and his good friend Toby on their first ‘kiddy’ ride! Haha, start out slow I guess, right? Silly boys…


I snacked on this around about 11:30 because I ate my Oatmeal much earlier, about 7am

Here’s the boys again on bumper cars. They had wristbands today that allowed them to go on unlimited amounts of rides, so we stayed for an entire 6 hours. They had a blast! We did too : )

At about 2, Marco and I went over to the Spencer McKenzies trailer. Thank God for Spencer McKenzies at the fair! Probably the only healthy option! Haha, and SO good!


I got an Ahi Pocket! You guys have seen this on the blog before because this place is actually a restaurant in Ventura that started out by having a trailer at the fair. These are my favorite things on the menu!

Looks like I’ll be here on the 27th & 28th! Sounds like such a great time!

After lunch we walked around and looked at all the animals- I loved this part! Look! The bunny totally has a double chin… like a ton!

So funny, I didn’t like this part at all when I was a kid- all I wanted to do was go on rides. How could I not want to look at these, though?! They’re so cute!

Look at all the baby piggies… aweee

And this was the funniest little goat! It wouldn’t move! 


After a couple more hours I snacked on this Clif Kids Organic Mixed Berry Fruit snack. These are sooo good! 

Have you guys ever had them? I love em! They taste like such a treat!

Fairwell everyone! Can you spot Griffin and Toby in #20? : )

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