9 Different Ways My Office Has Been Set Up (Pictures!)

Good-morning, all! Happy Monday!

Today, Marco and I are in Ventura. Of course, right? I mean, we’re practically there every weekend! Ha. We just love our family and feel happy being home I guess!

I’m sharing something fun & different with you all today. My office has had many different looks. I have a few that I’ve pulled together here… but I definitely have not found them all.


In 2011 before I ever moved out. I was only blogging at this time :).


In early 2012 when I lived with my friend Aubrey. I was again, only blogging at this time.


In late 2012 when I moved into my Studio Apartment. I had begun Health Coaching here!


When I first moved into our 1 bedroom and got really busy with Health Coaching. Super organized, but zero room for things.


When I upgraded my office at the 1 bedroom apartment.


When we moved back home with my parents to save money for the Wedding.


When we moved to Hawaiian Village in Ventura. Our first married home!


After I got my iMac, same 2 bedroom apartment!


Finally, at our house in San Luis Obispo (current).

And… you just know there are going to be more! Haha! Can you believe how many different faces my office has had?

Now it’s your turn:

  1. Do you change your furniture around? Or move as much as I do (apparently)?!
  2. Or, do you like to keep things the same for a long period of time?

xo, your coach


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Love, Paige

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