A Better Way to Deal with PMS

PMS eCardPMS eCardPMS eCard

Ladies, can you relate to these eCards? I sure can!

PMS is killer. We all hate it, and we all wish we didn’t have it.

One of the things that I hate the most about my PMS is when other people know about it. Heck, I even hate when I know about it!

Let me tell you a little secret on what I had someone say to me before: “Your thoughts aren’t valid during this time! You don’t think right during this time!”

Yea. Not a fun thing to hear. You can imagine, I didn’t take that well. I think it is THAT exact reason, why I hate when people know I have PMS. I feel like I’m just handing over permission to label me as “person whose thoughts aren’t valid” for the whole week. Ugh, isn’t that the worst feeling?

Between you and I, ladies, we know that we make some irrational decisions, and say some pretty messed up things during this time. Don’t tell me I’m alone? It makes us feel bad, and it really makes this “person whose thoughts aren’t valid” seem real. And we hate that, don’t we?

Well, here is one thing we can do about it: make a list!

Make a list of all the thoughts and feelings you have when you PMS. Print this list out, keep it in your bed-side table, and revisit it if you think you might be PMSing. This way, you can catch yourself in you PMS, and you can be more self-aware throughout the week so you don’t make the eCards above come to life. I think not knowing if you have PMS is the biggest killer. Once I started getting honest with myself, my PMS was so much easier to deal with.

Here’s a list of the ultra-common thoughts/feelings that we ladies have when we PMS:

  • I’m totally gaining weight
  • Whatever I’m doing now, isn’t working
  • I need something new — a new diet, a new hair-do, a new boyfriend
  • I don’t want to listen to my body
  • I just want to be happy
  • Everything feels so stressful!
  • I feel so bloated
  • Why am I so snacky?
  • Extra sensitive
  • Ultra defensive
  • Resistant to: healthy eating, exercise, listening to our body, getting ready
  • Grumpy
  • Super sad
  • Wanting to avoid people
  • Emotional things feel twice as hard
  • Picking fights with loved ones
  • Maybe doing the opposite, and totally shutting down (not expressing yourself)
  • Planning 101 things to not think about life
  • Planning nothing, because you feel terrible

Those are just some of the things that I’ve witnessed in my Clients, myself, my family, and my girl friends.


Comment below, and let me know what thoughts/feelings you have when you PMS. Print out your own list, keep it somewhere that you’ll remember to look at it, and the next time you start to have any of the thoughts/feelings on your life, realize that you’re PMSing, and have some grace for yourself. 

This isn’t a time to try and do everything perfectly. This is a time to work with yourself, and work with the thoughts and feelings that you’re having. For example, if you’re feeling more snacky, eat foods that are more satisfying to you at this time. Have substantial meals, and keep yourself satisfied — the last (and most tempting thing) you should do is start a new diet.

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