A Couple of New Ideas

Hello everyone! Today, while I walking little Kate (a little one that I babysit) a young boy passed us and said “Hello” with a big ol’ smile. I thought to myself “Hello is so much more friendly then just a quick, shy, head down “Hi.” Just a thought I had today… 😛

Matcha a couple of new ideas

So, as I was uploading my pictures just now, I started to think… I have no idea what I’ve eaten the last couple of days between my phone and my camera… I couldn’t put everything into place! So, here are the things from my Camera. Since I’m also listening to a lecture while doing this post, and can’t get to my pictures on my phone… 🙂

I’ve had Green Smoothies. Surprise! 🙂

Quinoa a couple of new ideas

The other night, I made one of my favorites, but just a little bit twisted.

Usually, I have brown rice with soy sauce and avocado. This time, I had quinoa with soy sauce and avocado.

Usually, I have bruschetta with my brown rice and soy sauce. This time, I had brown rice and lentils, because that’s what I had in the fridge 🙂 So good! I ended up mixed all of this together.

Lentils a couple of new ideas

Meal Prep Lentils a couple of new ideas

I ended up making two to-go versions of this meal. I had one yesterday, and one today. Yum!

Inside is quinoa, topped with lentils & bruschetta mixed together. The little container next to the avo contains a side of soy sauce. Perfecto!

Yellow squash a couple of new ideas

A dinner we had in the last couple nights was black beans, sauteed yellow squash, and sauteed tofu. Yum! This one is Marco’s plate- it has cheese. I just liked this photo better 🙂

Shake a couple of new ideas

Today, after I ran I mixed protein powder with my smoothie. I don’t usually do this, but I wanted some protein after such a good run! I did 3 miles in 26:00 minutes today. That’s so good for me. Marco rode his bike beside me and was cheering me on like a big ol’ dork. I loved it!

Iphone a couple of new ideas

Last night, Marco and I watched a video of a wedding that my friend Jade sent me. Such a beautiful wedding and video! Made me want to get my whole wedding videoed!

Strawberries a couple of new ideas

I’ve also been snacking on lot’s of fruit the last few days. Strawberries, blueberries, peaches, bananas, apples, and sometimes I’ll throw in some Peanut Butta 🙂

PB banana a couple of new ideas

Well, that’s it for today! Time to get to work!

Tell me something special about your day today 🙂

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