A Cozy Morning with Irene

This post is going to begin and end with Irene.


This is real time. About 5 minutes ago. Look at my little bloggin’ partner! She’s staying right next to me all morning. Little does she know, in about 2 hours I’m taking her for a run! It’s 6am right now, Marco just got to work, and Irene and I are enjoying the coziness of open windows throughout the house, the view of the Ocean, and birdies chirping away outside. Ah, I could stay in this home forever!

Okay, now yesterday.


Breakfast was 2 eggs from the backyard chickens, 1 sausage link from TJ’s, and 1/2 an avo. I thought I was going to love the sausage, but I really didn’t enjoy it very much. I ended up tossing some of this breakfast. Better next time with just eggs!

photo 1

This is where I get to cook… are you kidding me? In front of this counter is a wall of windows that fully opens from ceiling to floor, screen-less, with a full on breeze looking over Ventura, Ca. Ahhh…

photo 2

For a mid-morning snack I had some raw almonds. During my Nanny job yesterday, I walked the kids to the park, and sat/played in the sun for almost 2 hours. I’ve been getting so much sun lately!


After the park, I took them to the pool. Since I didn’t have my bathing suit I sat on the picnic tables in the shade and ate my lunch. It was the other Urbane Cafe salad I got from the day before. So good!


For a mid-day snack while I was Health Coaching I had a banana. I had just picked up some fresh produce at Trader Joe’s where I ran into my parents. I hear across the produce isle “Paige?!” Oh, “Hi Dad!” He told me my Mom and Noah were out in the car, so I checked out as quickly as possible and ran up to them. Noah was freaking out, wagging his tail like crazy. I love that little guy!


After Health Coaching and picking up loads more food/cloths, I went back to the house in the Hill. I like that name for this house 🙂

I got out all I had bought for a Green Smoothie, and the first thing I did was get my hands on there 5200 Vita Mix Blender! AGH! LOVE! I had half my smoothie, and then Marco and I took Irene for a long walk. About an hour in a half.


She loved it!

photo 3

When we got back, I enjoyed a delicious glass of wine while cooking dinner


We had Salmon, Quinoa, and Asparagus outside by the pool


So yummy! And, did you know that Quinoa is a grain-like seed? And so are millet, amaranth, and buckwheat!

Welcome to my diet you grain-like seeds 🙂


After dinner, we went swimming and in the jacuzzi. Such a nice evening!

photo 4

And to end the night with more Irene. Ah… this makes us really want a medium sized dog. To run with, play with, fetch with. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Noah, but Marco really wants a dog of his own. He has since he was a kid. Plus, my Dad and Noah have become best friends.

What’s your favorite kind of medium sized dog? Have you ever adopted a dog? Is it as hard as I’ve been hearing?


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