A Few Confessions

So, I have a confession. I am addicted to Oatmeal.


At least it is not these Oatmeal Cookies that my Mom made today, right?!


Well, I am kind of addicted to these too…. I photographed one, but I ended up eating SIXTEEN cookies!


Haha, well, truly I only had 3.5, but I wanted to make it sound worse than it was, first 😉

Did it work? Did you fall for it?


My next confession, is that I always feel like someone is watching me through that little camera hole on my MacBook

Truly, I get most concerned when I am changing (makes sense, right??) so I covered it up with a post it 😉

I am guessing I am not the only one who is creeped out by this spooky little eye (????)


And my last confession today, is that we put Noah in a shower cap today.

Don’t get mad! We only kept it on for the sake of the photograph. Please tell me you’re getting a laugh out of this like we did? It was sooo funny, and boy was he glad to have the camera out of his face, and the shower cap off his head. Good thing I got cuddles later, he still loves me 😉


Look at this? Am I ridiculous? I honestly don’t feel like eating anything else lately!


I packed pre-made oatmeal with toppings/milk to heat it up on the side


I added banana, flaxseed, and peanut butter to top it. I am taking this to my babysitting job tonight.


Also, I made some Overnight Oats (same recipe as todays) for the morning. I have to wake up at 5am, and leave by 7am for San Diego, so I need something quick and filling to eat before I leave. Jeeze, I wonder if I should take some more Soakin’ Oats for the road? (AHH! Eat something else, Paige!!)

P.S. I am sorry if you thought I was going to confess something cool and crazy. Nope! It’s just my Oats addiction!

Have you ever gone through an Oatmeal OBSESSION, where it was pretty much all you wanted to eat? It’s soooo goood!!! I could literally eat it for every meal right now.

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