A Long Day Working

Good morning all!

I am just going to jump right into it today!



eggs toast chicken sausage

Two over-medium eggs, Ezekiel toast, and chicken sausage

chocolate milk

I wasn’t full from breakfast yesterday, so about an hour later, I had some chocolate milk to try and satisfy me. This did the trick until I was done with the Gym.

Body Works @ 8:30

I am so sore today…! Monica was our instructor yesterday. Monica is our Gyms original Step/Bodyworks teacher. She’s now in charge of LA Fitnesses all over, and is a traveling teacher, so we hardly get to see her anymore. But yesterday, she was there and I’m pretty sure we combined squats/lunges with every single other exercise we did. Ha!


paiges favorite green smoothie

After the Gym I made my Favorite Green Smoothie (plus greek yogurt).


half my lunch

Lunch was my leftovers from the night before. I had a busy workday yesterday. So, between Clients I split my lunch into two. I had half my burger here, oh, and one piece of chicken sausage before I went back to work because I was craving more protein.

other half lunch

And the other half of my burger with leftover asparagus, mushroom, and sprinkled parmesan here, about 2 hours later.



Mid afternoon I had a short break, so I stood up, walked to the mail, took out the trash (basically, tried to move my legs) and then enjoyed this peach outside plus 2 squares of un-pictured dark chocolate.

I went back to work and worked until about 8:00. That’s late for me. I started dinner right when I was off and we ate around 8:30.


indian food dinner late

Oh man… this picture does not do our dinner justice… Ha! It was so dark out that I had to use my flash… Hang-on… I’ve had this before, let me see if I can find you another photo.

palak paneer

Any better? Maybe? Haha…

Anyway, this was a pre-made dinner. Eventually, I’ll learn how to make my own indian food, but for now TJ’s is helping me.

We (Marco and I) bought:

  1. one package frozen garlic naan (used two pieces)
  2. one channa masala (split one tray)
  3. one palak paneer (split one tray)

Yep, and that’s pretty much it! Threw in on a plate, piled it on our naan bread and enjoyed! I was thankful to have this simple dinner after a long day.

Alrighty, I’m off to meet my girlfriends for coffee at 6:15 this morning. I hope you all enjoy your weekend! You V.V.I.P. (very, very important people) will have an email post delivered to your inbox shortly. Enjoy it!


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Love, Paige

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