A Petite-Treat has never made me so happy!

You guys ready for possibly the most tasty Petite Treat ever?! Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but cha coulda fooled me after not having grain/sugar for 38 days!

I actually was not craving sugar, but I opened up my cabinet tonight to get some high-fiber bran flakes, and these little Fiber One samples were starring at me!

Just a couple days after I started the challenge these came in the mail. You could imagine how totally disappointed I was! Couldn’t they have sent them BEFORE the challenge? Well, now I’m glad for exactly how it went 😉

I decided after being SO good for so long, I could have myself a treat. After all, I deserve it!

It was nothing short of ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I literally have not been so excited over food in a while. Haha, my taste-buds were SO happy! It seems so simple, but the combo was soo good! And, not to mention- free! Put your Fiber One samples to use friends!

Make this Petite Treat! All it is, is one Fiber One Brownie (so good), one little Honey Squares Fiber One Cereal, and half a cup of 1% milk. This little treat had 15g of fiber! Another good think about this treat is that when you get to the end of your cereal and you’re about to drink the milk out of the bowl (don’t deny it), it tastes like oreo cookies & milk! Wow, what a freakin’ treat.

Okay, I’m done obsessing! Time to start a new book and go to bed! Hope you all had a beautiful day! Sleep tight ♡

Love, Paige

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