A Weekend With My Best Friend (Such Good Eats!)

Paige Schmidt | A Weekend With My Bestfriend

Good-morning all! I’m sittin’ in my office, drinking coffee with my candle lit, reminiscing over the weekend. It was such a good one! Kayla, my best friend, came to visit. Our mission was to recreate one of our favorite past time weekends where we had lots of coffee talk, took long walks, and cooked great food (only requirement: it had to be extremely satisfying). We succeeded!

I wrote a little bit about the weekend before it happened and how we planned to drink good coffee, eat good food, and soak in goodness in this post.


Paige Schmidt | Dinner

Kayla arrived Friday night for dinner. I made her, Marco, and myself ground chicken burgers and rosemary fries (Alexia brand). These chicken burgers are a recent favorite for me! Maria (hi, Maria!) from Wildtree sent me a box of seasonings, oils, and recipes, and so far this is my FAVORITE one.

The burgers are made up of: two pounds ground chicken, one tablespoon of garlic grapeseed oil, three tablespoons of Wildtree fiesta salsa mix, and one tablespoon of rancher steak rub. You mix all of this goodness in with the ground chicken, break ’em up into patties, and cook them with more garlic oil. Yum!

I topped these burgers with a mix of mayonnaise, ketchup, relish, and mustard for the sauce, a little bleu cheese (on mine), sliced dill pickle, and butter lettuce. Holy yum these were GOOD.

After dinner we cleaned up and talked a bit before going to bed. We saved most of our talking for Saturday morning, since we knew we’d be fresh, awake, and with coffee – very important.


Paige Schmidt | Coffee

Saturday morning we woke up at 7:00 so we had lots and lots of coffee talk time. We cozied up in the living room, filled our mugs with cashew milk and coffee, and talked for a couple of hours! I love my conversations with Kayla. She’s a friend who I am MOST myself around – it’s EASY when we’re together.

Paige Schmidt | Breakfast

After coffee talk, we made breakfast. Mmm. So good! You’re looking at sourdough toast, two eggs, avocado, one piece of bacon, and cheddar or pepper jack cheese. We baked the toast a bit, topped it with a little butter, layered on the goodies, and then broiled them for a final touch of super melty cheese. Yes!

Paige Schmidt | Calendar and Daily Routine

After breakfast we sat down with our calendars and wrote out daily routines. This is something we really wanted to do together. I find that when I’m creating routines for myself on my own I can get in my own head. But when I have someone to bounce ideas around with it’s so much easier and much more fun!

We each made a solid routine and are going to follow and adjust them over the next couple of weeks. I’ll share my routine with you guys (if that sounds fun to you – let me know in the comments!) after I figure out what feels good for me, post experimenting.

Paige Schmidt | Paige and Kayla

After that we went for a long walk to Scout coffee (we drink a lot of coffee when we’re together – it’s glorious). We have two Scout coffee’s in SLO so we just chose the further one to walk to.

Paige Schmidt | Walk Paige Schmidt | Scout | Vanilla Latte

We got these mini (they were so small!) iced vanilla lattes at Scout and sat down for more coffee talk. Super yummy!

Paige Schmidt | Chicken Burgers

By the time we got home from our walk we were both super hungry again, so I made us lunch. We had leftover chicken burgers from the night before with Tangerine La Croix. Yum!

Paige Schmidt | Fruit Drink

After lunch we ran to Trader Joe’s and Target to grab a few things we needed. When we got home we made this yummy fruit drink: one grapefruit, one orange, ginger, the juice of half a squeezed lemon, a couple of splashes of apple cider vinegar, and a few drops of liquid stevia. Refreshing!

While we sipped our drinks we turned on music and dove into my closet. Kayla helped me to plan some outfits for the week. Another thing I love to do but that is SO much more fun when a friend is helping me!

Paige Schmidt | Dinner

When Marco got home from work Saturday night we made dinner – grilled cheese and roasted red bell pepper and tomato soup with avocado dunked inside (so good!). We made one grilled cheese with sourdough and cheddar and the other with pumpernickel bread, havarti, pear, and gorgonzola. So good!


Paige Schmidt | GoMacro Bars

We woke up at 7:00 again on Sunday for more coffee talk time. We snacked on GoMacro bars while we chatted (ate half).

Paige Schmidt | Avocado Toast

We both got grumbly-growling tummy’s around 9:30 and decided to make some avo toast before Church (we knew we wouldn’t be eating brunch until after noon). On our avo toast: pumpernickel bread, toasted, olive oil, half an avocado, everything but the bagel seasoning from TJ’s, and red pepper flakes. Yum!

After our avo toast we got ready and went to Church at Mountainbrook. The service was all about Gentleness. So good! I have like three more services to listen to online this week that I’ve heard were good. So much fill-in’ up to come!

Paige Schmidt | Brunch | OJ

After Church we went to brunch at Novo – aka, the best brunch spot in SLO. I started with orange juice. Their OJ is to die for. 

Paige Schmidt | Brunch | Juevos Rancheros

Kayla and I love to split when we go out. The kind of splitting where you each order what sounds good and then half them down the center so you get to try everything you want. We split Huevos Rancheros and the Brioche Benedict.

Paige Schmidt | Brunch | Brioche Benedict

This was the first time I’d tried either! It was fun to try two things I’ve never had but have always been curious about. They were both SO good and kept me so satisfied through the day.

Paige Schmidt | Paige and Kayla

After brunch we walked home, snapped a photo (it was our goal to document this trip!), and Kayla packed up her things to head back to LA. Waaaah. Miss her already!

Once Kayla left I got cozy in my PJ’s, turned on music, and spent some time cleaning up and doing laundry until Marco got home from work.

Paige Schmidt | Chicken Quesadilla

For dinner I made Marco two chicken quesadilla’s (pre-made from Trader Joe’s – I just stuck them on the grill) and I made myself chicken, ginger, and rice Jook – basically, creamy chicken rice. Soooooo good. Exactly what I was craving. Here’s a recipe, though I made mine a little different!

I just used what I had on hand (two frozen chicken breasts, one cup of rice, four cups of water, two cups of vegetable broth, two teaspoons of chicken bouillon soup base, a splash of olive oil, a couple inches of grated ginger, and sea-salt) and used this recipes instructions for some simple guidance.

As you can see it was a tasty and fulfilling weekend. Kayla and I had so much good conversation and I’m feeling full going into the week. So thankful for solid friends this morning.

I hope you all have a great week! I’ll see you back here for more posts in a couple of days!

Love, Paige

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