Hey There, I’m
Paige Schmidt.

At Live Brightly, my mission is to support women in co-creating a bright and purposeful life with God. Through coaching and daily support, I equip women with tools and community to experience more joy, peace, and fulfillment. Living brightly means allowing Jesus’ light to shine in every aspect of your life. My goal is to create a welcoming space where you can deepen your relationship with Jesus, regardless of your current beliefs. Join us and feel the loving joy and peace that comes from knowing Him. All women are welcome!

My Story: Embracing the
Light and Finding Purpose

Welcome to “My Story,” a journey of faith, growth, and embracing the light within. I’m delighted to have you here as I open up and share the chapters of my life with you.

I was blessed to be born and raised in a loving and creative family. My parents provided me with a nurturing environment that allowed me to explore and discover my true self. They taught me the values of hard work, patience, and presence, while giving me the freedom to find my own path. I will forever cherish the happiness and security they brought into my life.

However, when I was around ten years old, my father’s battle with alcoholism resurfaced after fifteen years of sobriety. This sudden instability at home led me down a path of seeking control in my life. I turned to controlling my body through unhealthy means like strict diets and excessive exercise, hoping to find my worth in external achievements. Yet, deep down, I felt like something was missing, like I was trying to fit into a mold that wasn’t meant for me.

Everything changed when I discovered a personal relationship with Jesus at the age of 18. It was through this newfound connection that my life took a transformative turn. I experienced a love like no other, filling the void in my heart. Even during the most challenging times, such as losing my mother to cancer in 2016 and eventually my father to alcoholism in 2022, the peace and comfort of the Lord never left me.

In 2021, my daughter Selah entered the world, bringing with her a renewed sense of wonder and joy. Through her, I rediscovered the magic of life and the importance of living brightly each day, embracing gratitude and finding joy in the simplest of things.

However, it was in 2022, after the loss of my father, that a profound shift occurred within me. I realized that true transformation doesn’t happen apart from Christ. While the world offers various self-help resources, I discovered that growth with God is the only path that brings lasting fulfillment. As I prioritized seeking Him above all else, my life began to radiate with brightness, ease, and beauty. My marriage flourished, my body grew healthier, and my trust in Him multiplied. I learned to surrender worries, relinquish control, and embrace even the toughest emotions.

Now, my deepest desire is to share this transformative journey with the world. I want to see more women placing their trust in God, leaning on Him, and giving Him the glory. Together, let us shine brightly and radiate His love for His good pleasure. Join me on this incredible adventure at Live Brightly.

Brighter Together.

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