About Paige Schmidt

Hi, I’m Paige!

I’m a Life Coach and have been coaching women just like you for over a decade.

I’ve helped hundreds of women heal from mental overwhelm and reclaim trust in themselves through behavior and mindset improvements, plus the thing one that changes everything:

Choosing to make yourself a priority without feeling guilty.

Are you feeling like you’re constantly juggling too many things and don’t have enough time for yourself? Do you feel guilty when you do take a moment for yourself? That’s where I come in.

I help people create a happier, calmer life by prioritizing themselves without guilt, healing their mental overwhelm, and rebuilding their self trust. In other words, I help people learn to put themselves first.

It can be hard to do this on your own, which is why I’m here to guide and support you. If you’re ready to start creating the life you want instead of constantly reacting to what life throws at you, then please get in touch.

My clients come from all backgrounds and walks of life: teachers, business owners, stay-at-home moms—you name it!

I believe the key to your success is that you will feel completely understood and concepts that once felt heavy and confusing become simple and easy to apply.

I will help you understand why you do things the way you do.

Life Coaching with Paige

Life coaching is all about finding your path and creating a life you love.

If you’re feeling stuck and not sure what steps to take, coaching can help you connect with your deepest desires.

With determination, willingness to learn, and an open heart, anything is possible.

Make yourself a priority with life coaching – start group coaching today or email me to inquire about my limited one on one coaching spaces: paige@paigeschmidt.com.

The Start of it All

My business first began as a blog called “Healthy Hits the Spot” in February of 2011.

I started the blog with the thought “If I can help ONE woman know that she doesn’t have to go through YEARS of dieting and deprivation to find her worth, it’ll all be worth it.”

You can still find that blog and the daily eats I shared on it here.

Shortly after starting the blog I enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a Health Coach and started working closely with hundreds of women in private coaching relationships.

You can read the growth of those clients here.

Other Certifications

Through the years coaching women to listen to their bodies I received two additional certifications: Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Certified Transformational Coaching Method Coach.

As the years went on I discovered that though many of my clients came to me for food, it was never about the food (but it was about feeling calm).

As I continued coaching clients privately for 10+ years, one thing became evident:

The way you do one thing is the way you do everything.

I noticed that everything comes back to your patterns, thoughts, behaviors, and habits.

When you look at your thoughts, behaviors, and habits… you’ll see that everyone struggles with similar things and you’re not alone. There’s an easier way out there.

My clients always say that I know what they need before they do and that working with me truly feels like a best friend with that extra perspective that was the missing piece they needed.

How to Work with Paige

Aligned Coaching: A community coaching space to reclaim your mental energy and self trust and grow into the woman you want to be.

Aligned Coaching is now where I do 90% of my coaching. I teach weekly lessons to help you create lives that are both meaningful and fulfilling so you can reach your goals and live as a more joyful, calm, and present version of yourself.

In Aligned Coaching you will receive:

  • weekly coaching with me on group coaching calls (you get 1:1 attention in the group calls)
  • new weekly audio content designed to energize and inspire you to reach your goals
  • written coaching 24/7 – never again be alone in a struggle you can ask me a question anytime in our private and anonymous members forum
  • all coaching call replays, each month – you can come to as many or as few calls as you want and always benefit from the current months coaching call replays
  • all past, current, and future courses I have ever created for as long as you are a member
  • meditations that help you get centered and peaceFILLED

The Podcast

In early 2021 I started a podcast–Aligned with Paige Schmidt–meant to inspire you to discover who you want to be and calmly move toward her. LISTEN ON Apple or Spotify.

Get a Free Lesson with Paige

If you’re looking for a place to get started, listen to a free audio lesson with me: 3-Secrets to Make Prioritizing Yourself Easier (everything will improve the moment you begin prioritizing yourself).

  • You can read hundreds of my client success stories here.
  • Listen to my podcast on Apple or Spotify.
  • Join Aligned Coaching to hire me as your coach here or email me to inquire paige@paigeschmidt.com
Love, Paige

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