Accept youself, now!

Yep, I thought so! Last night I got hungry again around 10:30 (I was up until almost 1am because I had a late babysitting job)

I snacked on about 2/3 a single serving bag of Popcorn. I drizzled about 1/4 tsp of honey over the popcorn, and added a few shakes of cinnamon. This tasted like such a treat!

A little while later, I had a small bowl of yogurt sprinkled with granola. I like granola just for the texture, so most of the time I only feel like just enough to give me some crunch

I woke up this morning at 4am to get to my first babysitting job of the day. It’s a busy busy Friday! To start my day, I had a Probiotic Yogurt and of course, a cup of coffee with almond milk & agave

A couple hours later, I snacked on a few almonds while I was reading my book and drinking Chai tea. It was nice to relax while the kids were still asleep! Once 7 came around it was all feeding, getting them ready, and off to school.

When I was done watching the boys at about 8, I went to my parents house and made what I have really been craving this morning. An egg sandwich!

Oh my goodness. This was soo good! I forgot how much I love making breakfast sandwiches! On this one is 1 multi-grain sandwich thin, one egg, one white, 1/2 piece of havarti cheese, a few slices of avocado, and a few slices of basil grilled to perfection with just a touch of butter. I also had a side of fresh homemade salsa. I was craving some "freshness" and the salsa worked since my parents didn’t have any fruit laying around 😉

So, just a little update on how I am liking "Intuitive Eating." I love it. To say that I only liked it would be a total understantment. It’s helping me to understand myself so much more, and I am actually realizing that I still have a lot of "diet mentality" within me from so many years of dieting. I am classified in the book at the "Professional Dieter" who will try every new diet they hear about thinking that it will be the one that finally works. No. Dieting is false. It gives us false hope, and when we fail, we feel like it is our fault. Lets ask ourselves this: through all of the dieting, why is it that we can never seem to stick to the diet? Are we lacking will power? Lets see, I am not bragging on myself here, but I think it’s time I think about my accomplishments… Some things I am proud of are: having a 4.0 GPA in school, loving my job, giving up much of my time to always make sure I am a highly avaiable babysitter, working out and enjoying it, practicing patience, getting myself out of disordered eating, moving out on my own, buying my own car, staying on top of things and not being a procrastinator, etc… Does all of this show that I have no willpower? Heck, NO! All of this shows that I have good willpower. If willpower is then not the problem, what is? Hmm! Maybe it is the diet itself!

Maybe there is a reason my body doesn’t want to only eat this and that. Or this many calories. Maybe there is a reason I am craving certain foods, I am more hungry, and feel like I have no energy when I diet. These are things that we need to think about. We need to stop being hard on ourselves, and stop the dieting.

This book talks all about listening to your body, eating when you want, eating what you want, eating enough until you feel truly satisfied, speaking nice to yourself, etc… There is no reason to be hard on yourself. You can either choose to be your own best friend, or your own worst enemy. Why in the world would we ever want to be our worst enemies? I challenge each of you today, to speak truth into your own lives. The truth is that you are beautiful, you will achieve a naturally healthy body weight if you just listen to your body and do not deprive yourself, you are a strong woman, you are full of willpower, you have not failed at dieting, rather, dieting has failed you, and best of all, you are the only YOU in this world. There are so many positive things we need to be saying to ourselves. Get rid of the garbage that fills your mind, and fill it with postive things that will encouage you to rejoce in who you are, right now.

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