Add Healthy Hits the Spot to your iPhone

Hey everyone! Want easy access to on your iPhone? Here is a simple way to keep updated and take my ideas/recipes with your wherever you are!

1) On your home screen, click on Safari (internet) and type in “”

2) This ^ screen will show up. That is my mobile blog!

3) Click the button in the middle that looks like an arrow coming out of a box

4) Click on “Add to Home Screen”

5) This screen will pop up. Title my blog whatever you want, or keep it “Healthy Hits the Spot”

See, the bottom left hand corner? It will pop up right there! 🙂

6) Check my blog daily, or even multiple times throughout the day! I try to post as often as I can for all of you!

This will be very convenient to have, especially with my TJ’s grocery shopping list! You can take ideas to the store with you! 🙂

Love to you all 🙂

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