Aligned with Paige Schmidt Podcast is Live!

Aligned With Paige Schmidt Podcast is live!

The first episode in my new podcast — Aligned with Paige Schmidt — is officially live!

I’ve been wanting to start a podcast for a while now, and with the new business shifts I’m making in 2021, I thought moving forward with the podcast would truly be in alignment with those shifts.

The first episode I talk with you more about what it means to be aligned, and why it’s so important to me. We all have a future self that we want to become. You may set goals, visualize her, and know exactly what she looks like. But you just feel stuck, and you’re not sure how to make that shift towards becoming her. Your best future self.

I’ve felt the exact same way. I didn’t know exactly what my future self would look like, but I knew how she would feel, how I would treat her, and what her thoughts would be. I slowly started taking steps towards becoming her — with my eating, my finances, and building my dream business.

It wasn’t an overnight change, but in the podcast I talk about the daily steps I started taking that I knew my future self would love doing. And I’m so grateful my 18 year old self took those steps, because it shifted my thoughts to becoming aligned with who I’ve become.

I’m now calm. I’m intentional. I have daily peace around food. I continually think about my future self and take steps towards becoming her.

I didn’t know how I was going to get to my future self, or even what she wanted to do. But each day I would just take specific steps towards becoming who I wanted to be, even if I didn’t know the “how”. 

This way of thinking has given me the courage to do so many things in life — from getting Abby, getting married, having a baby, growing my business, etc. It’s currently giving me the courage to make changes in my business this year!

Why is it important to think about who you want to become? Shouldn’t we just accept ourselves as we are, and be more present? The answer is yes. But you can actually do BOTH.

You can love yourself exactly as you are right now, AND you can think about who you want to become  with intention. It’s essential to know you are 100% worthy exactly as you are right now-you are fully lovable right now as you are. And from that place, you can also grow, add in fun and exciting things that push you towards your future self as well. 

Why do you want to make certain changes — like waking up early, going for that run, eating intuitively and dropping that diet? It’s important to know why you want to make changes, because otherwise it will be hard to follow through with those commitments.

In this podcast, I’ll give you specific examples of how you can be more present and grow, how I aligned my current self with my future self, and the steps I took to become her. Then I’ll take you through questions so that you can visualize and journal exactly how you want your future self to be.

This podcast will be where you can experience what is possible for you, how you can step into your future self, and to discover what it means to align who you are today with who you want to become-with food, finances, your relationships, your parenting, and more!

Subscribe to Aligned with Paige Schmidt on any major platform, and let me know what you would like to hear in future episodes! They will go live each Tuesday!

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