Alignment Formula

Today we will be discussing the following equation that I personally love:

Intention + Follow Through = Alignment. 

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Do you think of yourself as stuck? That the way you currently are in life is permanent?

Maybe you have thoughts like:

“I always xy and z.”

“I never xy and z.”

“Xy and z will never change.”

I challenge you today to think of yourself in a new way BEFORE you have evidence of being her.

Tell me, how do you currently identify yourself, in both positive and negative ways? Ex. “I am a good cook but my car is so messy always.” OR “I am a very fun parent, but am just someone who can never get somewhere on time.”

Now, I’d like you to reflect on how you want yourself and others to see you? Reliable? Clean? A calming presence? Balanced? A woman of integrity and kindness?

Could today be the day you start declaring you ARE these desired adjectives? Whichever ones came up during your time of reflection?

Trust me, when you start choosing to see yourself NOW as the way you desire to be, you’ll start to notice the moments in life you actually already are showing up as your most aligned self.

A wonderful start to your new week can be to set an intention to start speaking and thinking positive identification labels over yourself. And the follow through of that intention is simply to continue to speak and think about yourself that way, even when you aren’t acting 100% in that way. Make sense? Hope so!

For more discussion on this concept of Alignment Formula, head to episode #91 of my podcast, linked in this blog post.

Happy listening!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Neutral thinking
  • Why self-compassion is key
  • Examples of ways you may be cementing in your misaligned identity
  • A nutrition change I’ve made the makes me feel so much better

Mentioned in this Episode:

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