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Good morning everyone! It’s Friday 🙂

I love weekends, and particularly this one. Let me quickly clarify… I don’t love weekends “because the work week is over.” I love my job too. I do love weekends because Marco and I always have time off together and make the most of our time. This weekend is full!

  • Friday — headed to Santa Monica this morning to meet a Client who is flying in from Chicago
  • Saturday — staying at our friend’s house, having a dinner party, and wine tasting (in her backyard – yeah! there will be photos)
  • Sunday — dinner & a movie with two of our close friends
  • Monday — beach if the weather is super good + it’s extra an weekend day for Memorial Day

Since it will be a long weekend, it’s really likely that I won’t be back here until Tuesday, SO I wanted to leave you with some great videos (I hope they’re great!) to watch through the weekend.


I typically send one video out per week in my newsletter. Today, I’m going to share all of the past ones I’ve done and then next week, the vids will be back inside the newsletter. Today, it’s catch-up time.


Also this weekend, I’ll be enjoying…


This photo is not my own. I found it in google through it’s original source. This book was recommended to me by a client of mine, who had it recommended to her through another client of mine. I also want to read The Fault in Our Stars. Who has read either? Thoughts?

Alright. I need to get my booty moving (run, breakfast, get ready, drive the PCH to Santa Monica) so have a nice weekend!

You can follow me over on instagram through the weekend 🙂

Love, Paige

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Love, Paige

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