Am I Willing to Have What I Want?

Am I Willing to Have What I want?

Hello everyone! This week I want to offer you a question that has really helped me:

“Am I willing to HAVE what I want?”

If you want to go into a deep dive with this question, I walked through the whole process of what asking this question does for you this week on the podcast.. but to recap:

It keeps you from “perfectionism fantasy” (Ex: when I lose weight all of my clothes will fit, I’ll look great, everyone will love me, I’ll be happy, my marriage will improve, etc..)

This reminds you that your thoughts create your feelings, not your circumstances. (Ex: my new house–circumstance–will not make me happy. Thoughts like “I am so thankful. I appreciate all that I have” probably will.)

The question allows us to get a little more realistic but in a neutral way… (We can learn to expect that all good things come with some hard and that doesn’t make the good thing bad. Ex: Being a mom is hard and the most worth it thing I have ever done, ever.)

It gives us the power right now to decide: Do I want that thing? Am I willing to have it? Am I willing to experience all of the good and all of the hard that comes with it?

If your answer is YES, then kkay, let’s trust the process. Let’s go–let’s enjoy it. ENJOY the good while recognizing that hard parts of good are always expected and okay. They’re not bad.

I hope this episode gives you the spirit and zesty feelings you need to move forward and say YES to whatever it is you want next.

What Next?

So, If you LOVE this episode, you will LOVE joining us in Aligned Coaching for our current course, Unafraid. We just started this week–you haven’t missed a step. Join us here.

Here’s a few examples of what the women in Aligned are working toward right now in Unafraid. I asked them “Who would you be if you were Unafraid?”

  • I would stop believing the lie that when I have more time, I’ll take better care of myself. I’d start prioritizing my self-care and feeling good now.
  • I would allow myself to pivot–to make changes, big or small. I’d let go of living in survival mode and I’d feel calm in the chaos of being a mom of two young kids.
  • I would consistently show up as my best self and not shrink back, especially around the people I love who have different views than I do.

I love these examples. Whether you want to say YES to something big–like starting your own business–or you want to be a woman who feels daily CALM amongst the natural chaos life can bring… Unafraid is for you.

It’s a place for you to turn down the volume of fear, panic, and survival mode… to connect with who you want to be… and then to become her… to turn up the daily volume of calm, connection, flow…

Join us now in Aligned Coaching for week ONE.

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