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Good morning readers! I’m here to share the weekend with you 🙂

photo 2Friday I worked from Coffee Bean. I love working from Coffee shops. I can do the same work from home, but after working in my home office all week it’s so nice to get out and be around people. I love the energy.

photo 1Something is coming up! Health Coaching is full right now. Stay tuned for big news and new things coming to my Coaching.

It’s going to be freaking awesome, personal, and something to be so excited about! Especially for all of you OCD’ers like me! 😉

photo 1Friday, June 6th was exactly TWO years since I made the most important phone call of my life <– our story.

The call to Marco after we hadn’t talk for six months. From this call forward we were inseparable. Yay, babe!

photo 3Transition into wine… Ha! Has anyone tried this? I picked up a bottle to take to my Brother’s Birthday this weekend and didn’t open it! We were too busy having Minty Bourbon Lemonade. Ah, delicious!

photo 5My Brother is quite talented.

IMG_7749-EditFor Terry’s Birthday we had an American Hustle/70’s themed movie night! See this white wall behind us? It’s in their backyard, and on movie night they turn it into a big screen. So fun!

I did my Sissy’s hair! It was so fun! The back was awesome, too!

10344189_10203943133169224_3243281825215413277_oCheck out Bro, too! Ha! They got so into it. I love it.

1907333_10203943357294827_3309769808245358915_nGroup photo of everyone who dressed up. I like how all of the guys have glasses. Too fun 🙂

My Brother Chase (other Brother) was inside making pizza during this photo. He made the best Pizza’s! Fresh, 100% from scratch, and super high-quality ingredients. They were so good. 

Alrighty everyone! I’ll be back here tomorrow. I’m dying with excitement to share my new project with you. If you’re interested in Health Coaching already, you especially need to stay tuned.

LOVE, Paige

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Love, Paige

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