Anddd I’m Back…

Good morning everyone! Sorry for the unannounced hiatus! One day became two, two days became three, and so on. Life has been throwing some changes my way, and I haven’t known perfectly how to handle it. But, it’s all settled, and there are some big things coming. Throughout this post, I will be talking about those. Let me tell you what I’ve been up to in the meantime


-Making lots of food (as always). This is a breakfast Frittata with pesto and veggies


-Hanging all of my Christmas Cards in my room


-Doing a pre-marital study with Marco


-Meeting with Marco every morning at 7am for a couples Devotional (love this time together)


-Health Coaching! I am fully booked! It only took a week to have all 6 spots filled, and for that I am thankful. If you are interested in having a Health Coach, I may be opening up a few more spots in January, so email me at so I can put you on my “Priority List”


-Working out a ton. Cardio, weights, Step, walking.. PS, Step is the best workout so far. My new Polar watch told me so. Not to mention my calves that feel like they’re bruised every time I move 😉


-I’ve been filling in my Christmas list and checking it twice. We celebrated Christmas a little bit last night because my brother and his girlfriend are leaving town to see Haley’s parents.


-Merry Christmas!


-I’ve been eating eggs n’ toast every single morning haha


…heres how you think I eat my eggs…


…heres how they actually look…


-And… last but not least, the bigger news… I have been packing…

Yep! I’m moving out... I’m getting my own place on the 28th, and moving in the 29th..

It will eventually be mine and Marco’s once we are married, but for now, just me!

I bet you can guess what my Christmas list consists of..

Gift Cards to Trader Joes, or Target and every necessary thing to have in my Studio 🙂

I am excited and nervous for this adventure to come, but I’m thankful for the constant support I have.

Have you ever lived on your own? How was it for you?

As for the other changes… the Wedding!

We have picked… a lot! I will let you in on all of this during the coming couple weeks… Probably after Christmas! Just know that planning has been fun, and we are verrrry excited for 2013!

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