Another Check Off the List ✔


Yesterday was a very good day! I got a ton done…

I watched little Chloe in the morning, paid my first months rent/deposit (ouch!), and called everyone I needed to call to get my apartment set up for the 28th.

I told them with my blog I need to have internet on day one, so Time Warner Cable will be meeting me at the apartment an hour after I get the keys. Haha! I’m not a TV person, I said no to Cable. I’m all about Netflix. Also, the Electric will be turned on that day too. I thought that was a good idea, don’t you? I was shocked at how many first time fee’s there are! Sheesh!


Little Noah makes life look so easy


Along with setting up everything for my move-in date, I also enjoyed my leftovers. We went to BJ’s on Monday night with my family, and I got a burger and fries. I cannot tell you how long it’s been since I had a burger. There was no way I was about to finish that thing! It made for really good leftovers though. Bleu Cheese Burger 🙂 I also at some of the fries with Ketchup… Fries… Not the best as leftovers, so a lot of them were left..


After I was off work yesterday, Marco and I went on the hunt to try a Taco Place in Oxnard to Cater our wedding. Sadly, when we got there no one could speak english, and neither Marco or myself know how to speak Spanish. We even tried to point to the Catering menu and they said “No…” So… we headed off to our next choice. Spaghetti Factory! This place impressed us! They made us three salads, two pieces of salmon, and two pasta dishes all fo’ free! I said to Marco, “sure glad I picked tonight to be my night to pay!” 😉 Haha! I left a very nice tip instead – gotta be in the Holiday Spirit, right?

Anyway, we were so into trying everything that I didn’t take pictures… Sorry! I’m very impressed with our quick pickings on the Wedding! We haven’t been stressed at all, and we’ve knocked out a lot of the big parts of planning already!


Today, we are on our way to Disneyland… I mean… IKEA! Can’t wait!

PS, I love IKEA furniture… My room is half Pottery Barn and half IKEA, and I love everything in it equally… Everyone says “be careful of IKEA,” but, I’ve had a great experience 🙂 So, yes, I will be buying a $20 coffee table today, and very inexpensive dishes. Thank you 😉 Another PS, all of the Pottery Barn was a gift – I’m into good prices!

Hope everyone has a blessed day! Remember, you are blessed to be a blessing! Smile 2 random people today 🙂

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Love, Paige

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