Another Year in Catalina

Every so often I love to do a blog post that’s a simple life recap.

I love looking back years later and remembering a trip from a post.

A picture is worth a thousand words. A blog post helps me to remember exact moments that I cherished. It helps me to better capture the whole trip and reflect on it after it’s happened. It’s like, extending the joy.

And, in sharing my life with you, I hope it allows you to feel a little bit closer with me, too.

Our annual summer, family trip to Catalina Island.

On Sunday at 1:00 am, we arrived home from Catalina Island.

We spent a week there with Marcos family, as we do most summers.

The weather way gray, and although we prefer it blue… maybe it was just what we needed.

Drinks on the beach in Catalina Island
Our family trip to Catalina Island

In the gray weather we spent more time together, played UNO, drank coffee, went to dinners (and made dinners at the house). I took naps wrapped in a blanket on the patio (one was two-hours in that chill air).

I tasted beer with Marco’s aunt (a special beer that a friend got her for her birthday).

Drinks near the beach in Catalina Island
Drinks on the beach in Catalina Island

We took multiple walks, everyday. We laughed, hard. Marco’s grandpa, man… he makes me laugh! He kept saying “Healthy Hits, you’re a comedian!” There’s nothing better than someone laughing at your jokes 😉

And yes, he calls me “Healthy Hits.” It stuck from “Healthy Hits the Spot.” What my blog originated as. I love it so much.

When you get pooped on by a bird on vacation...

I got pooped on by a bird (awesome).

I love vacation for how much it allows me to slow down. To sleep in, not set an alarm, and have the mental space to consider the things I care about. I’m a thinker, and I love space for thinking.

Marco and I on the beach during our annual summer trip to Catalina Island.

Coming home from vacation feels incredible. We have a spark in our appreciation for Reno. We love our friends and family here. I’m grateful for our home, and we missed our Abby more than ever.

Coming home from vacation feels incredible. I'm grateful for our home, and we missed our Abby more than ever.

This week, we’re excited for routine, fish dinners at home, movement, and spending time with people. We’re also excited about the sun and the VAST BLUENESS OF SUMMER SKIES OF RENO.

Summer concert in Catalina Island.
Back in Reno at the rodeo

Routine is feeling as fun as ever today, after a fresh break from any consistency at all. My routine, like my budget, reflects my joys and values. So coming home to it is something I anticipate with excitement. Marco too.

(I added a fresh routine workshop to The Growth Vault last week and it’s getting loads of love from members – become a member here!)

Today’s routine is:

  • 5:30 wake up with Marco, have coffee and quiet time (we read today’s Jesus Calling and prayed together)
  • 6:45 leave for the gym, workout
  • 8:15 back home, walk Abby, eat breakfast
  • 9:00 jump in the shower, get dressed for the day
  • 9:30 start work
  • 5:30 plan next day, be completely off
  • 6:00 dinner with M (we’re having salmon tonight!)
  • 9:30 sleeeeeep

I love routine for what it GIVES to me, not what it makes me do. When you include what you love, it’s easier to follow (though, it still takes commitment and intention).

The other things I looked forward to after this vacation were healthy, home cooked meals and less alcohol. But as I thought about it last night… I smiled with a realization.

Years ago, I would have craved the same things after vacation. But, it would have been because I spent the whole week stuffing myself “because it was vacation” and I wanted to lose any weight I’d gained.

This time (and this is what made me smile), it was not for either reason. In fact, on vacation, I ate what I wanted, stopped when I was full, and fully considered each day how I wanted to feel. I felt great.

This time, I am excited for home cooked meals and less alcohol because that’s what my body is naturally excited for. It’s what sounds good. I want fish, veggies, no booze (craving a break) and mellow evenings at home with Marco.

In addition to regular eating, sleeping and moving, we’re excited to slow it down on the spending that happens on vacation as well. But again, it’s not BINGE-spend on vacation and then STOP once we’re home.

It’s be a little more flexible on vacation, within our planned vacation budget (we don’t find value in overspending) and then when we get home, back to our regular at-home budget.

Today I am appreciating a few things: 1) That we got to have a relaxing, family vacation, 2) for the realizations of how much I’ve changed over the years and 3) that I can experience a daily desire for health without obsession (I practice what I teach).

Do you love routine? Do you look forward to your routine after vacation? What’s your favorite part about summer vacation? What do you remember most of vacation? Share in the comments. I’d love to hear!

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