Answering Your Questions on the 28-Day Pleasure Plan So You’ll Feel Great About Joining Us!

Finally Free Pleasure Plan

There are literally only three days (today, tomorrow, and Saturday) left to invest in yourself and jump into the 28-Day Pleasure Plan with Simi, myself, and our other awesome jumpstart gals!

Today I’m going to dedicate a full post to answering the questions that are rolling into my inbox from our new girls just before they join (which is great by the way – I want you girls to make your questions known!).

1. I received an e-mail regarding your 28-day plan. Is that the same as the one advertised on the Finally Free website? If not, what is the difference between the two?

No, the 28-Day Pleasure Plan is not the virtual Finally Free Program that you see on

The Finally Free 28-Day Pleasure Plan is basically the jumpstart into Finally Free. I highly recommend it. It’s 28-days (4 weeks long). Each week has it’s own “Pleasure Plan” with daily intentions and guides around becoming the highest version of yourself + there are 3 group coaching calls.

The virtual Finally Free Program (opening back up this Fall) is 12 weeks long and comes with an amazing package of beautifully designed lessons, video outlines, worksheets, and pre-framed goals. Plus, all of your virtual sessions. It’s a lifetime membership, and will continue to have amazing perks as FF grows (we’ve already got so much planned for our girls!).

2. I am from South Africa so I wont be able to do any calls, but from what I can understand that wont be a problem?

In regards to not being able to make the live calls, we will record them and will be sure to email everyone a link so they can listen online :). This will not be an issue for you. Our calls will be Q+A style, so if you have a question that you’d like us to answer during our call you can feel free to email it to me first, and I’ll make sure Simi & I address it :).

3. I really want to join Finally Free in the fall… but I don’t think I can afford both, which one should I choose? 

Important!! If you sign-up for the 28-Day Pleasure Plan today, early on in our next launch you’ll actually get to use 100% of your Pleasure Plan investment toward Finally Free! It’ll be like you’re getting this Pleasure Plan free! This is only for our Pleasure Plan jumpstart group. Basically, it’ll end up being TWO for the price of one. We want to remove any obstacles we can for you so that you’re able to gift these Programs to yourself.

4. When does the Finally Free: 28-Day Pleasure Plan start?

We will send out your first “Pleasure Plan” this Sunday, August 9th. Each following Sunday you’ll receive a “Pleasure Plan” for the following week. Each Pleasure Plan guides you through Monday-Sunday. We send it out a day before it starts so that you have time to plan our your week and set up your intentions.

5. What’s included in the Finally Free: Pleasure Plan?

  • 3, 60-minute group coaching calls
  • 4 Weekly Pleasure Plans, delivered every Sunday morning
  • Private email support from two certified holistic health coaches
  • Online Support in the private Finally Free Facebook community

6. How do I know if this is for me? What can I expect to work on during the 28-Day Program? 

You can expect to walk away from the 28-Day Day Pleasure Plan feeling: energized, prioritized, like a higher version of yourself, more in love with the day to day, confident in your food choices, in tune with your beautiful female body, accomplished, and light.

Here’s what you’ll be going through each week with us:

Week 1: Monday, August 10 – Sunday, August 17 → You’ll discover how to clear the clutter, set specific goals, and the secret to actually achieving your goals (hint: it isn’t more willpower!)
Week 2: Monday, August 17 – Sunday, August 23 → You’ll discover what to eat for your unique body, how to embrace high-energy foods, & the game-changing ways to promote weight loss WHILE eating
Week 3: Monday, August 24 – Sunday, August 30 → You’ll discover how to boost your metabolism with food, put an end to overeating for good, create your body’s unique hunger and fullness scale, and honor your hunger and fullness
Week 4: Monday, August 31 – Sunday, September 6 → You’ll discover how to step into your success and create daily rituals to hold you accountable after after the 28-day program

7. How do I sign up for the 28-Day Pleasure Plan? 

Pay securely through PayPal by clicking HERE. The same day that you purchase you’ll get a welcome email from myself & Simi and inviting you into the community.

8. I’m about ready to sign-up, but I have one last question! I have a TON going on right now. Would it be possible for me to buy the plan and go at my own pace? Or do it on my own time? 

Such a great question! You totally can do it at your own pace! Basically, when you get the emails each Sunday, you’ll just save them and schedule a better time to start at your own pace. The calls will all be recorded, so you’ll be able to save and listen to those on your own time as well.

You will have access to ALL the materials (3 coaching call recordings & PDFs of the 4 weekly Pleasure Plans)… FOREVER… so you can go at your own pace or do it again in the future if you want!! Anytime you need a little boost, the Pleasure Plan will be here for you!

If you still have questions and you feel comfortable asking them publicly, go ahead and ask in the comment section of my blog so others can see your questions too. If you’re more comfortable emailing me privately, no problem! I totally get it :). You can reach me at

ALL INFO: here


If you relate to this post, I hope you’ll join us 🙂



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