anyone see the sunset?

Good morning everyone! I love waking up to these beautiful skies the past few days.

I woke up to a joke posted on facebook this morning that said “sooo did anyone see the sunset last night?” People commented laughing because anyone and everyone who has an intagram posted a photo last night. I didn’t get to instagram soon enough, but I got a picture with my camera posted below 😉

breakfast yestaday: vegan banana bread and black coffee + an article from the WSJ

This baby is getting made again. Soon.

lunch: brown rice (1 part rice, 2 parts water in rice cooker), sautéed (in soy sauce) tofu & bell peppers, avocado, and sesame sticks. The sesame sticks came off because they were too salty for my liking 😉

This was so delicious! Just looking at it I’m thinking I should make something similar for lunch today… hmmm!

For dinner I went to Cafe Fioré with some girl friends from my Fall 2011 Anatomy class

I got lentil soup + a house side salad (which was hardly a dinner salad at all- it was packed with yummies!)

I have been doing my best to avoid dairy where I can, since it has helped my stomach aches greatly reduce!

Vanessa, me, Emma, and Mischa. I do believe I made some life long friends in A & P 🙂

These girls are wonderful, and I fully enjoy their company. We could sit & talk for hours!

And here it is. The famous sunset from last night. I must say, it was beautiful!

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